Australia and New Zealand: The criminals' nuclear escape

Last week, I posted about graphene nanoblades in the vaccines.

Today, let's connect a few dots about Australia and New Zealand.

These countries are being prepared by the world's elite as escapes of last resort for the guiltiest. For the people who have orchestrated the Covid hoax, used lockdowns to expropriate the middle classes of multiple countries, and are now committing genocide through injections.

These are high crimes which require unprecedented trials. These trials are well on their way. There are already stacks of evidence, and weeks of video you can see for yourself.

What we're waiting for is that people wake up, and regain control of institutions. This is the only way trials can be held. The elites must either win – so we can never regain control – or they need an escape plan.

The escape plan is Australia and New Zealand. The mega-rich have known what's coming for a decade. They have built bunkers there:

Survival shelter company Rising S Co was receiving a call from a Silicon Valley executive looking to find out how to access the multimillion-dollar bunker he owned underground in New Zealand. Their general manager, Gary Lynch, has confirmed that the company has built more than 10 of these underground bunkers in New Zealand, with price tags of up to $8 million (£6.5m) for construction, delivery and installation.

The trend began before 2020:

Traditionally, the New Zealand market makes up a tiny fraction of his clients, but there was an uptick in interest in 2017 and 2018, he said. "There were a lot of people that were buying land and putting bunkers" below ground, he said.

There are of course even more of these bunkers in the US and Europe.

A bunker is what you build if you expect the environment to become disordered and hostile. If you expect the country to remain friendly, you just buy property there:

This makes it sound like they wanted to escape Trump. But what else happened in January 2017? Fauci announced there was going to be a pandemic:

Oh, you think Fauci and Bill weren't already planning the pandemic? You think they had a magic crystal ball? If so, or if not – I highly recommend the book The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr:

So: Trump gets elected, Fauci announces a pandemic, and billionaires start buying up New Zealand.

After Covid erupts, Australia and New Zealand adopt extremely harsh, zero-Covid policies – almost as-if to protect the billionaires who had now staked out that corner of Earth.

The billionaire co-founder of Google, Larry Page, had been hiding in "nearby" Fiji. Despite the zero-Covid policies, he was allowed to enter New Zealand for a medical emergency involving his 12-year-old:

Australia has embarked on extremely harsh, total vaccination policies. Despite massive protests, despite all reason, despite the harm, despite no effectiveness of these injections in any country.

Because the goal is not to stop a pandemic. If the goal was public health, we would follow the example of Florida:

Instead, Australia features tyrants like Michael Gunner, Chief Minister of Northern Territory:

Victoria features fines from AU$ 1,090 to $21,809 for individuals; and up to $109,044 for businesses; for violations ranging from failure to display signs or wear masks, to operating during lockdown.

Will this stop a virus? Of course not. The point is compliance! That's why the concentration camps:

That's Howard Springs, near Darwin. Here's a similar facility near Brisbane. This has an electrified fence:

Real people are being taken to these facilities. Three indigenous teenagers, aged 15-17, escaped from Howard Springs and were hunted down by police. They previously tested negative for Covid:

Hayley Hodgson spent 2 weeks in quarantine in Howard Springs:

The decision to "quarantine" people is based on a whim. It doesn't matter if you're Covid-negative, or vaccinated. It matters if they think you're compliant.

They can, and do, keep people in detention indefinitely, for no significant reason:

Even an Australian federal senator has been arbitrarily detained:

Since we've established the reason for this is not health... It is this.

That was in September. But that is not fast enough. Now there's this:

The Los Angeles class carries Tomahawk land attack missiles. These can carry a W80 nuclear warhead, and have up to 1,550-mile range. The W80 has up to 150 kiloton yield, which does approximately this to Dallas:

Australia will try to get the Biden administration, which is complicit in the global crimes, to lease it one or two of these babies. The Los Angeles class can stay underwater for months, does not need to refuel for 30 years, and can sneak up to nuke almost any city from the sea.

Once they get Australia under control – when most people are either dead, or accept total compliance – then if their plans for the rest of the world go off the rails, the conspirators from all countries can flee to Australia or New Zealand.

That's why they're in a rush. So they can threaten nuclear retaliation if anyone tries to seek justice.


denis bider said…
This is the world we have always lived in. They did not start lying to us just this year, or last year:

"Whistleblower William Thompson, CDC Senior Vaccine Scientist, came out in 2015 admitting that they had been ordered to dump all study data into a trash can on a weekend and wipe hard drives since the CDC couldn't make the signal go away regarding MMR causing autism in boys, especially black boys"
denis bider said…
"Public Health Scotland report: the Fully Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths over the past 4 months"
denis bider said…
Excellent source - Dr. Paul E. Alexander (former senior advisor in the federal HHS) collected over 400 studies exposing the "mistaken measures" of nearly every country:

Mentioned on Steve Kirsch's Substack:

This doesn't even touch the vaccines. It's just all the other stuff that's undeniably, completely wrong.
denis bider said…
I somehow missed this Daily Expose article from November 21 with an extraordinary chart based on data from Scotland:

"Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess Deaths"
denis bider said…
Very interesting talk with Catherine Austin Fitts at the start of the December 10 Fuellmich session. Catherine starts a few minutes in:

Subsequent parts are very interesting as well. After Catherine, there's a presentation on the 1918 flu, and how they were performing massive vaccination campaigns before the "flu" outbreak. Soldiers were given 6 injections in a single day, and more injections in total. Those who wouldn't accept them were branded traitors. The "flu" had symptoms nothing like a viral flu. It didn't spread like one would expect either, or affect the people one would expect the flu to kill. Instead, it looked remarkably like vaccine injuries. The flu story we've been told is basically propaganda for massive vaccine deaths.

After that, around 2:21:15, there begins an excellent talk with Dr. Shankara Chetty about his understanding of Covid and its appropriate treatment. In his experience the viral part of the illness is never very severe and resolves within 7 days. However, on the 8th day, some people experience deterioration and this is an allergic reaction to the spike protein. So the proper treatment is for this allergy. He says he treated over 7,000 people very successfully this way. People who do not get treated experience a worsening of this reaction, may get hospitalized and die. Survivors might experience "Long Covid", which is fundamentally the same allergic condition in chronic form. So this "Long Covid" can be treated and resolves in the same way as the initial allergic condition, but because it was untreated for so long, it may have done damage that remains behind.
denis bider said…
It's worth noting that Dr. Shankara Chetty's experience has remarkable overlap with the Spartacus Letter, which describes the process of Covid in great detail:
denis bider said…
Two weeks ago, an aboriginal elder woman died in the Howard Springs concentration camp:

"Tim Truth" reported a video testimonial. Watch from 3m 24s:

Apparently, the woman was vaccinated and her death was "not related" to Covid-19.

This is consistent with my interpretation that the camps are to normalize "accidental" deaths in a controlled environment.

If you're a healthy dissident, vaccinated or not, you're going to be taken to these camps, eventually you'll die in them, and there will be no follow-through or explanation.

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