Children ages 5-11

This is some serious shit, guys. A new formulation is going into children aged 5-11 – with no clinical trials:

We gotta do this because kids are being hospitalized "with Covid" at less than half the rate of the regular flu. This is after we inflate the numbers with overtesting and false positives:

In fact – this German study found:

The lowest risk was observed in children aged 5-11 without comorbidities. In this group, the ICU admission rate was 0.2 per 10,000 and case fatality could not be calculated, due to an absence of cases.

No cases! This means the infection fatality rate could be anything!

We're just going to see how it goes, guys. No problem:

Our models predict we will save the life of one 80-year-old by giving myocarditis to 100 children:

This is fine. We'll just forget that myocarditis is dead heart muscle, it does not recover. Oh, and 5-year survival rates for myocarditis are under 50%, as mentioned in this study (Mahimarangaiah, Marimuthu) and this study (Magnani, Dec).

So yes, maybe this is going to kill 50 children within 5 years to "save" one 80-year-old.

Maybe. Our own models predict it.

But how do we really know, unless we inject 28 million children!

Just in case - let's do a PR campaign to remind concerned parents that kids have always had strokes:

Just like this little-known heart attack that's always been affecting women as young as 22! But recently more so:

It's very rare. You might, all of a sudden, see it often. Still – very rare.

Luckily, we are prepared!

Cause kids are going to need this.

So, what are we putting into children ages 5-11? From BioNTech themselves:

Look at the very different storage temperature! This is a very different thing.

Did you know that, for cryogenic storage in lab experiments, trypanosoma parasites are stored at -70 ± 10 °C?

Did you know that at least one lab found a parasite consistent with trypanosoma in a Pfizer vaccine sample?

Go look. You can download a PDF with pictures.

Real life hits you fast

Want to know what a real myocarditis story looks like?

Just wait until she has to face the under-50% five-year survival rate.

A hero in the Patriots community has compiled hundreds of similar stories. These are just from frequent Twitter users who post about their personal events. They represent a small fraction of everyone going through this!


Let me quote from my previous post:

The people being eliminated, see, are not people with no chance of knowing. They are people who do not want to know. They want to conform, to believe, and to be told what to do. Thus they are told, and they suffer the consequences.

In this sense, the continued existence of Alex Jones is indispensable. You see, there exists a contract that is beyond this world. If you defraud someone in a way they could not possibly foresee, then you owe them. But if you offer them a lethal test they can know about and avoid, and they simply don't want to, then all you owe them is to face a similar test in return.

Best of luck – and may the odds be ever in your favor!


denis bider said…
Excellent article by "el gato malo" regarding a large Swedish study on vaccine effectiveness:

"Given these longer term results, it seems clear why they chose to run short trials and then eliminate the control groups after about 90 days. Because that’s when things start to go off the rails.

The downslope in efficacy against symptomatic infection is just starting right where Pfizer and Moderna ended their trials and vaccinated the control groups to make future comparison impossible."
denis bider said…
Epoch Times: Vaccinated People Easily Transmit COVID-19 Delta Variant in Households: UK Study

The study - October 29 in The Lancet:

SAR among household contacts exposed to fully vaccinated index cases was similar to household contacts exposed to unvaccinated index cases (25% [95% CI 15–35] for vaccinated vs 23% [15–31] for unvaccinated).

Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance. Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.

No shit. 😄
Unknown said…
Because it's not approved and they have never HAD to provide full ingredients list, they can and I believe have been changing ingredients formula at intervals or at will. Or at different population densities, and likely demographics.
denis bider said…
Unknown – I believe so too. Very relevant article yesterday at The Exposé:

Analysis based on VAERS data:

"96% of the lots of Pfizer vaccine had zero death reports made against them. Meaning the 2,828 reported deaths were associated with just 4% of the lots of Pfizer vaccine."

"Ninety-five-percent of the lots of Moderna vaccine had zero death reports made against them. Meaning the 2,603 deaths were associated with just 5% of the lots of Moderna vaccine."

Unfortunately, we know the VAERS data is woefully underreported and intentionally being scrubbed. Steve Kirsch's team estimated in his FDA presentation on September 17 that the underreporting factor is 42 times:

Who knows what the analysis of the full data, if it was reported, might yield.
denis bider said…
Chief vaccinator Klaus Schwab: "... as long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe."

"Eva Holzleitner, a double-vaxxed Austrian MP, collapses in parliament:"

"Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Says West Coast Port Backlog Unlikely to Be Resolved Until Every American is Vaccinated:"

This is the same Buttigieg who recently took 2 months off for parental leave, so that he could learn how to breastfeed. He is a globalist conspirator and an alumnus of Klaus Schwab's "Young Global Leaders":

I used to live in Costa Rica. It seems Costa Rican President Quesada is also captured. 😕
denis bider said…
Then there is this:

This month, the Vanderbilt Law Review published a 69-page paper by Saule Omarova, President Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Federal regulator of the largest banks in the country that operate across state lines. The paper is titled “The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy.”

The paper, in all seriousness, proposes the following:

(1) Moving all commercial bank deposits from commercial banks to so-called FedAccounts at the Federal Reserve;

(2) Allowing the Fed, in “extreme and rare circumstances, when the Fed is unable to control inflation by raising interest rates,” to confiscate deposits from these FedAccounts in order to tighten monetary policy;

(3) Allowing the most Wall Street-conflicted regional Fed bank in the country, the New York Fed, when there are “rises in market value at rates suggestive of a bubble trend,” such as with technology stocks today, to “short these securities, thereby putting downward pressure on their prices”;

(4) Eliminate the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that insures bank deposits;

(5) Consolidate all bank regulatory functions at the OCC – which Omarova has been nominated to head.

Complete takeover of the economy, including the ability to set stock prices at whatever they want them to be.
denis bider said…
Weather channel founder confronts CNN 😁
denis bider said…
What a surprise. It turns out Pfizer's phase 3 clinical trial was not exactly squeaky clean:

Brook Jackson, a now-fired regional director at Ventavia Research Group, revealed to The BMJ that vaccine trials at several sites in Texas last year had major problems - including falsified data, broke fundamental rules, and were 'slow' to report adverse reactions. When she notified superiors of the issues she found, they fired her.

Canadian doctor who's the media's favorite authority to peddle mass vaccination for children turns out to be funded by Pfizer to the tune of $2 million:

Dr. Jim Kellner, a pediatrician and University of Calgary professor, has been cited as an authority in dozens of articles published by CTV News, CBC, Global News, the Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail on vaccinating children and other pandemic related issues.

Since 2014, Kellner’s research has received $1,940,443 from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for various vaccine studies, with the most recent grant of $787,004 being allocated until the year 2022.
denis bider said…
Italy's "Istituto Superiore di Sanità" (Superior Institute of Health, a public organization) found only 2.9% of all-time "Covid deaths" were actually just from Covid. This means the total death count attributable to the virus is reduced from 130k to less than 4k. Of course this does not stop the mandatory vaccines 😂

English bot-translation of decent quality:

Italian source:
denis bider said…
Excellent angry / technical writeup by Karl Denninger, who investigated VAERS data and found the unusual pattern where a small fraction of lot numbers are associated with high deaths and side effects for Pfizer, Moderna, as well as JJ:
denis bider said…
Further detail on the Italian number of Covid deaths. Source document from Istituto Superiore di Sanita (Italian Higher Institute of Health - a public agency):

Alternate link:

Screenshot of page that is the source for this claim:

The report finds 2.9% of deaths were due to Covid-19 without comorbidities. From this, the number 3783 is derived by multiplying.
denis bider said…
The German news site Report24 has compiled a long list of "suddenly dead" or heavily ill athletes since June this year. I count 56 records – the youngest was 13:

The list is until the end of October. Here are two newer ones already in November:

Professional hockey player Boris Sadecky passed away on Wednesday after suffering a cardiac arrest last Friday during a match in Austria.

Sadecky was 24 and in good health. 80% of the league’s players are vaccinated with the experimental COVID vaccines.

Earlier this week soccer star Emil Palssan collapsed in cardiac arrest during match play in Europe.
denis bider said…
German study - November 30:

Risk of Hospitalization, severe disease, and mortality due to COVID-19 and PIMS-TS in children with SARS-CoV-2 infection in Germany

"The lowest risk was observed in children aged 5-11 without comorbidities. In this group, the ICU admission rate was 0.2 per 10,000 and case fatality could not be calculated, due to an absence of cases."

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