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Children ages 5-11

This is some serious shit, guys. A new formulation is going into children aged 5-11 – with no clinical trials: We gotta do this because kids are being hospitalized "with Covid" at less than half the rate of the regular flu. This is after we inflate the numbers with overtesting and false positives: In fact – this German study found: The lowest risk was observed in children aged 5-11 without comorbidities. In this group, the ICU admission rate was 0.2 per 10,000 and case fatality could not be calculated, due to an absence of cases. No cases! This means the infection fatality rate could be anything! We're just going to see how it goes, guys. No problem: Our models predict we will save the life of one 80-year-old by giving myocarditis to 100 children: This is fine. We'll just forget that myocarditis is dead heart muscle, it does not recover. Oh, and 5-year survival rates for myocarditis are under 50%, as mentioned in this study (Mahimarangaiah, Mar

Pieces of shit: On love, fear, anger, sadness, and laughter

We think reality is governed by reason, but it's not. Emotion gives it all of its meaning. Without emotion, life is a meaningless gray. People who are spending their lives on psychiatric drugs, which end up blotting out emotions, probably understand this better than most. These are drugs prescribed by worthless doctors: people whose idea of health equals to basic function; people who think the meaning of being human is to fit into some structures like a cog. These seem to be "healers" with no healing bone in their body, no clue how to help a person find and overcome an actual cause. They don't even have the vision that it could be done. So here you go: here's your lithium and your SSRIs. Stay on this diet, and you'll fit into your bottle like a cork! Guess what. Just raising vitamin D levels, in which 90% of everyone is deficient, reduces schizophrenia scores by half: What percentage of health issues can be fixed in ways that are just as cheap – or com

Tim Gielen: Monopoly - Who owns the world?

Excellent documentary by Tim Gielen: People are slow to wake up because the way the world actually works is directly opposite to what we're told. Covid is a bioweapon developed in the US and completed in China. The vaccines are a bioweapon too . US Department of Defense secures truck crashes involving Moderna. The pandemic is planned and its purpose is to inject everyone with this unknown substance. Hospitals don't heal , instead they are death camps to drive up pandemic numbers . Reliance on doctors kills , the only true healer is you . Germ theory is false, in fact terrain theory is true. Vaccines were always harmful . They cause SIDS , autism, cancers, auto-immune conditions and so forth. They do in fact want to microchip us and control us all . Elections have been rigged for 20 years or more . Climate change is grift , bad science , and a fake problem where the solution is world government. 9/11 was planned to consolidate

Dr. Patricia Lee's letter

In the mood for some harrowing reading? Letter by an ICU doctor with 20+ years of experience, with lawyer prequel: I bet the corporate media are already sharpening their pitchforks for the character assassination.

Song of the year!

Higher quality here: I received it without attribution. If you know the author, let me know. :)

June 2011 issue of The Sovereign Independent

I received this June 2011 issue of The Sovereign Independent: Truth has been available to us this whole time. Ten years ago, you could buy it at a newsstand. We just wouldn't believe it. The whole issue is a mine of gems. It has relevant discussions of vaccines, eugenics, and depopulation. I call special attention to this article on page 6. Titled Democracy is an illusion: