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Pieces of shit: On love, fear, anger, sadness, and laughter

We think reality is governed by reason, but it's not. Emotion gives it all of its meaning. Without emotion, life is a meaningless gray. People who are spending their lives on psychiatric drugs, which end up blotting out emotions, probably understand this better than most. These are drugs prescribed by worthless doctors: people whose idea of health equals to basic function; people who think the meaning of being human is to fit into some structures like a cog. These seem to be "healers" with no healing bone in their body, no clue how to help a person find and overcome an actual cause. They don't even have the vision that it could be done. So here you go: here's your lithium and your SSRIs. Stay on this diet, and you'll fit into your bottle like a cork! Guess what. Just raising vitamin D levels, in which 90% of everyone is deficient, reduces schizophrenia scores by half: What percentage of health issues can be fixed in ways that are just as cheap – or com

Tim Gielen: Monopoly - Who owns the world?

Excellent documentary by Tim Gielen: People are slow to wake up because the way the world actually works is directly opposite to what we're told. Covid is a bioweapon developed in the US and completed in China. The vaccines are a bioweapon too . US Department of Defense secures truck crashes involving Moderna. The pandemic is planned and its purpose is to inject everyone with this unknown substance. Hospitals don't heal , instead they are death camps to drive up pandemic numbers . Reliance on doctors kills , the only true healer is you . Germ theory is false, in fact terrain theory is true. Vaccines were always harmful . They cause SIDS , autism, cancers, auto-immune conditions and so forth. They do in fact want to microchip us and control us all . Elections have been rigged for 20 years or more . Climate change is grift , bad science , and a fake problem where the solution is world government. 9/11 was planned to consolidate

Dr. Patricia Lee's letter

In the mood for some harrowing reading? Letter by an ICU doctor with 20+ years of experience, with lawyer prequel: I bet the corporate media are already sharpening their pitchforks for the character assassination.

Song of the year!

Higher quality here: I received it without attribution. If you know the author, let me know. :)

June 2011 issue of The Sovereign Independent

I received this June 2011 issue of The Sovereign Independent: Truth has been available to us this whole time. Ten years ago, you could buy it at a newsstand. We just wouldn't believe it. The whole issue is a mine of gems. It has relevant discussions of vaccines, eugenics, and depopulation. I call special attention to this article on page 6. Titled Democracy is an illusion: