Mentally preparing for mass burials: In which I forecast the vaccinated to die

I forecast that 2/3 of those who accept Covid vaccines are going to die by January 1, 2025. I will consider this forecast successful if the outcome is 50-100%. I will consider it partially successful if it's 10-50%.

This claim has at least the same amount of evidence as the opposing claims of pharmaceutical-cult-science: that the vaccines are totally legit and safe for everyone!

The American and European drug safety databases are already brimming with tens-of-thousands of after-vaccine deaths. My latest count of just the European database finds over 12,000 deaths and 350,000 people with serious injuries. There are ubiquitous casual reports implying injuries are being dismissed. Known, counted deaths are orders of magnitude beyond anything that was allowable before. A German pathologist calls for more autopsies, and estimates that 30 - 40% of deaths within two weeks of vaccination are because of the vaccines. A mortician's wife describes a 3x increase in elderly deaths after vaccinations (probable thread, screenshot).

As of August 2021, there is no person who survived 2 or more years after these vaccines. Try to disprove this.

If you're thinking of taking the vaccine – so you can "have your life back?" – think further. Compliance with abusers does not work. It means you accept the abuse and makes the abuse perpetual. You will survive a hiatus from school, or having to find new work. You will almost certainly survive Covid. It's less likely you will survive these vaccines.

This is why I believe this.

1. Personal experience

Being smart is knowing things. Being wise is to have an idea of what you don't know. It is meta-knowing. It takes experience to develop.

I've spent the past 21 years leading a small team of software engineers working on computer security software. We develop Bitvise SSH Server and SSH Client for Windows.

When I was 20, I released the first versions 1.xx. I'm now 41, and our software is approaching versions 9.xx. We've made hundreds of releases and implemented many new features.

Every major new release, we try harder to test every circumstance, to ensure that users who update will not experience problems. Every major new release, we fail to some degree, somewhere.

Our failures tend to be marginal. Our testing does cover most usage cases. Most niche issues we miss end up affecting few users. Very few issues have a security impact.

But the issues are there. Often, it takes years before we get information to identify and fix them.

Some years ago, we made improvements in our file transfer system. To improve robustness, we started using advanced functions of the Windows filesystem that deliver guarantees which simpler functions don't. This is nifty and technologically superior. It works great with local Windows filesystems and most network shares – which is what most everyone is using.

But we did not notice a proportion of our users who use NFS shares. These use filesystem drivers that are not commonly used in Windows. Those drivers do not support some of the advanced Windows filesystem features we started using. So at this point, the latest-greatest versions of our software no longer worked with NFS shares. It took us years before users provided feedback so we learned about and fixed the problem. Most users just assume we know about issues already.

Every new release we make ends up having issues like this, which take years to iron out. This is with software, where we have potentially complete visibility of all aspects of the system, the tools to capture detailed information about even a single occurrence of a problem, and the ability to reason about and implement a fix based on that single occurrence.

What happens if a "single occurrence" happens in the body, after injecting a drug?

This "single occurrence" may disable you or kill you. In most cases, it will not be noticed as related to the drug.

There have to be lots of "single occurrences" for someone to notice a drug correspondence. The "health" industry does not make tremendous profits out of noticing this. Reporting systems exist, but whether they are used depends on the diligence and ethics of the medical professional who noticed. Administrators who hire and fire people can exert pressure to discourage "wasting time" chasing such rabbit holes. Such "excess focus" on safety is by-and-large profit-reducing.

Once a correlation is noticed, no one in the medical world has anything like the tools available in software. The information gleaned from an autopsy is nothing like the details you can get from a crash dump. A crash dump tells you the exact location in the code where the crash occurred, and the exact data that the code was working on. A patient autopsy is more like observing that disk space was low when the computer stopped working.

With vastly superior tools compared to medicine, and decades of experience and improvement, we haven't made a feature release where we didn't end up chasing obscure bugs several years down the road. Even so, we're doing better than most software publishers. Not only that, but if a software program crashes, you can just start it again! When a human patient crashes, someone needs to get pregnant and give birth to a new human.

We are expected to believe that these vaccines, equivalent to version 0.9-beta, are not going to result in all-that-many crashing patients down the road. Did I mention that American and European drug safety databases contain tens-of-thousands of after-vaccine deaths? These numbers are underreported, and they are only the numbers so far. And the media and the governments keep pressing the gas pedal.

2. Known mechanisms of harm

The initial premise of the vaccines was that the spike protein, which is part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is biologically neutral, so non-toxic. It's supposed to be a suitable part of the virus to which the body could develop immunity. If injected, the vaccine should stay in the muscle and not travel to affect the body. For the mRNA vaccines, the mRNA should be used up within days, so that your body doesn't just make the spike protein indefinitely.

These claims are now known to be false. What's more, we know the people behind the vaccines had to have known.

The spike protein is not neutral. It is the toxic part of SARS-CoV-2 that makes Covid-19 worse than a cold (example). By injecting a vaccine, you are directly dosing yourself with concentrated spike protein, or you're modifying your body to create it. In both cases, you receive a larger dose than by encountering the virus.

The spike protein itself is not a suitable single point of immunity. When the body encounters the virus, it develops general immunity which is long-lasting and effective against variants. When you dose yourself with the spike protein, the body develops a specific immunity which the virus can evade by mutating. According to virologists including Geert Vanden Bossche and Luc Montagnier, these mutations are driven by vaccination. For this reason, mass vaccination should never be attempted in the middle of a pandemic.

The artificial immunity is not only mediocre in long-term effectiveness, but can worsen the disease in Antibody-Dependent Enhancement. This occurs when imperfect antibodies created by vaccines don't neutralize the virus, but empower it to proliferate more effectively. In past animal tests of coronavirus vaccines, this did not kill the animals immediately. At first, immunity seemed strong. Months later, animals died after exposure to the real disease.

This risk is not theoretical, and was known to US public health administrators. When reports from the world's hospitals suggest worse outcomes in those vaccinated than those not, this is an indicator that ADE is occurring in humans.

The vaccine does not stay in the muscle. Leaked information from a Japanese study on dissected mice and rats, which had to be obtained via Freedom of Information, shows Pfizer had knowledge that the lipid nanoparticles which deliver the mRNA travel to all parts of the body, and concentrate in the spleen and ovaries (page 6, page 7).

Expression of spike protein has consequences. In the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the mRNA enters various cells in the body. These cells create spike protein and express it on their surface. The immune system detects the foreign protein and begins attacking. But the spike is attached to cells, so the body attacks itself. This can lead to short-term auto-immune symptoms and long-term disorders.

The spike protein is a protrusion. When it's expressed in cells whose surfaces need to be smooth, such as blood cells and the walls of blood vessels, this leads to clotting. This is more likely in tight spaces: capilaries. Clots in capilaries are not visible on body scans, but they still destroy the capilaries. These capilaries may be in your lungs, brain and other parts of the body. If in your lungs, this leads to chronic fatigue and strains the heart in a way such that it gives out in a few years. If in the brain, it may cause cognitive issues and chronic migraines, if not strokes.

Dr. Charles Hoffe observed that 62% of those who were recently vaccinated tested positive on a D-dimer test one week later. This test detects that a clotting process is going on in the body. Most people do not have immediate symptoms and the clotting does not show up on scans, so it's disregarded. This does not mean there won't be any long-term effects. Dr. Hoffe was removed from hospital duty for publicly reporting these findings.

The spike protein does not always stop being manufactured. People are reporting continued presence of the spike protein 9 months after vaccination.

Moderna and Pfizer broke control groups of their safety studies on purpose. After the FDA's emergency use authorization, they went and vaccinated almost everyone who originally got the placebo. This ruins the study for finding any long-term differences in outcomes for those vaccinated vs. not.

Against all sense and ethics, the FDA is set to give the vaccines full approval. When this happens, it will be based on no control group studies at all. And to approve vaccines with this number of documented deaths is preposterous.

3. Suppression of treatments

Vaccines are supposed to be our only refuge because effective, safe treatments against Covid-19 do not exist or "do not have sufficient evidence" of efficacy and safety.

This is the blatant opposite of truth. The vaccines do not have sufficient evidence. Both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are known, effective, cheap, safe drugs which radically reduce Covid-19 mortality. India handled a surge of its "Indian variant" entirely with such medicines, when they had under 10% vaccination. The WHO then renamed this the "Delta" variant, to avoid calling attention to India's success.

We're being told that known safe medicines do not have enough evidence. At the same time, we're being coerced into experimental gene therapies with known disastrous statistics.

Pfizer is now developing a drug based on ivermectin. It's a combination drug, so they can patent the combination and charge an astronomical markup for a cheap, generic medicine that was found to work in studies and in practice.

4. Consistently cynical inflation of the pandemic

Despite media claims like 97% of people hospitalized for Covid are unvaccinated (archive), this is a complete fabrication. Such news are a result of manipulative policies set by the CDC, and implemented by hospitals, to favor vaccines.

The vaccines are actually not working. Data from highly vaccinated countries, including Gibraltar, Israel and Iceland are showing failure of the vaccines to stop the spread. This ends up being blamed on the unvaccinated, even when transmission occurs entirely among the vaccinated.

During 2020, the Polymerase Chain Reaction tests for Covid-19 were being done at 40 - 45 cycles; example in Belfast. According to Fauci in July 2020, this is an absurd number of cycles that finds false positive results from dead nucleotides. This made it so that most positive results were false. This was helpful to drive up the number of cases, as well as Covid deaths. Everyone who died for any reason was tested, and anyone who tested positive was called a "Covid death".

In most places, the average age of a "Covid death" – like in Belfast – was 79 years with multiple comorbidities. This approximately matches life expectancy.

The reason for this is to justify lockdowns. The reason for lockdowns is to make you desperate. The reason to make you desperate is so you would accept anything to get your life back, including a mystery injection and a medical passport.

The exact reasons why everyone needs an ineffective mystery injection are cloudy. But this is known:

  • It enables global top-down rule by an unelected elite, involving regular injections and medical passports. Those without recent injections can't participate in the economy.

  • There may be an outright intent to reduce the population of United States, Europe, Australia and Canada. The people in these countries are not as valuable to the elites as we'd like to flatter ourselves to be. We are pesky and hard to manage with our individualist ideas. We consume disproportionate resources that the elite could be using to build rockets, villas and yachts. Everything is already made in India and China. Why do they need "useless eaters" whose jobs have been exported East, and there are no plans to bring them back?

The virus itself was engineered over decades: mostly in the US and the last several years in Wuhan. The virus did not "escape", it was released. The pandemic was planned and war-gamed years in advance.

Besides using large-scale false positives to inflate numbers, a large number of people were actually sacrificed, and this did increase mortality in 2020. The governors of at least five US states sent people with respiratory illnesses, who tested positive for Covid, to quarantine in nursing homes, right next to the most fragile elderly. The respiratory conditions spread: there's a reason pneumonia is called old man's best friend. The frail patients were outright euthanized or sent to hospitals where they were denied treatments using safe, known drugs that would have worked against Covid. Contrary to science and data, hydroxychloroquine was discredited and banned. This was not simply because Trump endorsed HCQ: this was done by the same people who hawk vaccines, and who easily ignore when Trump takes credit for them.

Instead of being treated, the mostly elderly patients were intubated and then doctors stayed away from them, racking up mortality to the tune of 88%. Medicare paid $13,000 for each diagnosed Covid-19 patient and $39,000 for each that was intubated, so that hospitals made profits while inflating the death count.

In Cuomo's New York State, upwards of 10,000 elderly died in this manner. To sweep investigations under the rug, Cuomo was accused of pathetically pedestrian sexual transgressions. Now that he's inconvenient, they can remove him for that reason and avoid investigating mass murder.

In most countries in the world, Covid-19 response followed this approximate plan. Countries that went another way, such as Sweden, were widely demonized in international media. In Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Eswatini, Burundi and Haiti, presidents who resisted the WHO simply died. Their replacements reversed direction and aligned with international policies.

In the United States, the pandemic was blatantly used to steal the 2020 presidential election. Efforts such as H.R. 1 are underway so that all future elections can be similarly stolen. As long as these efforts are still in progress, the pandemic is made to persist through government directives and outright lying in mass media.

With the "Delta variant", the virus appears to have evolved to become more transmissible and much less lethal. The virus has become its own natural vaccine. Its symptoms have evolved to roughly match the common cold. And yet the media would have you believe that this disease is still deadly: that if you don't get the vax, you're a murderer.

5. The push to vaccinate children

The push to vaccinate children is absolutely insane. Very few children died while testing positive for Covid-19. Of those that died, most had underlying conditions, so that even fewer deaths can be attributed to Covid-19 itself. Infection progress of Covid-19 in children is generally asymptomatic.

On the other hand, the vaccines are known to cause severe side effects in children and young adults, including blood clotting, myocarditis, and death. The vaccines are a fair amount more lethal to children and young adults than the virus. This is based only on data we have so far.

The push to vaccinate children is therefore directly reminiscent of Dr. Mengele, in that even if some crazy journalists were calling for this, health authorities definitely should not. But they are. And this tells you that the people who know the data still want children to get vaccinated.

There can be only two reasons for this:

  • To ensure that everyone, without exception, is onboarded onto the forced vaccination system, where each person gets their annual or semi-annual government injection, or you can't even purchase groceries. This allows the government to completely control the population, as you must accept an injected substance to be allowed to live.

  • If the vaccines are intended to be lethal, then vaccinating everyone ensures there isn't an excess of orphaned children after the adults die off.

6. The Deagel forecast is a website that deals with military-related news and statistics. In this sense, it's similar to Jane. was registered in 2003, and the Wayback Machine shows it had military content from the start. It's not from yesterday.

Months ago, this website published an astonishing population forecast for 2025. This predicts:

  • Reduction of US population from current 327 million to 100 million. Similar 2/3 "haircuts" for UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Iceland. These seem to be the "most overrated countries."

  • Reduction of France from 67 million to 39 million. Similar 1/3 haircuts for Australia, Canada, South Korea. These look to be "medium overrated countries."

  • Modest 1/4 haircuts for Slovenia, Slovakia, Czechia, Estonia, Latvia. "Somewhat overrated countries."

  • Populations of China, India, Brazil, Russia remain the same. Africa untouched. "Fairly rated countries."

If you look at their blurb about the US population, they explain it thusly:

The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse [...] We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia [...] Nevertheless the death toll will be horrible.

They're saying 227 million people in the US will either die of hunger, or move to Central and South America.

Bullcrap. This prediction is made by someone who knows the plan with Covid-19 and the vaccines. The plan is to exterminate the working class in prosperous countries, which especially includes white-dominant US, EU, Canada and Australia. In the eyes of the global elite, we are difficult to control, we are spoiled, and we consume disproportionate resources compared to workers in China, India or Brazil. The jobs of our working classes are not coming back home, and the work for which they are useful is being automated.

To the globalist elite, the prosperous countries have a dead weight of detestable, useless eaters. These have stupid ideas of liberties and are consuming way out of proportion to our "actual" economic value.

This is part of why whiteness is now being demonized in all media. It is slated for elimination. Various provocative personalities speak outright of "white genocide." We may think they mean it like a "cultural shift." Look at the Deagel forecast: nothing about this is figurative. It is wholesale elimination, focused on the most prosperous societies.

Compare the countries with the most aggressive vaccination with the largest forecasted reductions. Israel and Iceland are both highly vaccinated, and slated to be reduced by 2/3. The efforts in the US are ongoing.

7. Seven sevens

Some people are persuaded by superstitions, so here is one.

On anonymous boards such as 4chan, each post has a unique number. A "get" is when a post receives a number that ends in notable digits. For example, post number 32712345, or 39800000, is a "get".

If such a post contains notable information, some may give it extra weight. If it's not notable, then it's a "failget".

On one board, this was post 327777777:

Kek has spoken. If nothing else convinces you, maybe this will.

Why 2/3?

If the vaccines are simply reckless and not intentionally lethal, then 2/3 is what I would expect from a process where safety is disregarded, criticism is censored, propaganda is in overdrive, and the product is forced on the population.

If this was software, I would expect it to crash on most but not all computers on which it is run. Since this is people, "crashing" means people are going to stop functioning.

If the vaccines are intentionally lethal, I don't expect them to be as effective as they think. They will not succeed at vaccinating as many as they want, or kill as many as they intend. They may in fact kill the entirely wrong type of person. This is because nothing that's done for the first time is 100% successful. But a substantial lethal effect will be achieved, even if it spectacularly backfires.

An "ultimate" ability long-telegraphed

When you fight bosses in games, the boss may stop what it was doing and begin a long spellcast. It makes a scary animation, emits a horrifying sound, and there's an ominous pattern drawn on the ground.

This is called a telegraphed ability. The pattern on the ground is where it strikes. If you remain in the strike zone when the spellcast ends, you're hit hard, or you immediately die.

To accept the vaccine is to stand in the strike zone of an ability which was long-telegraphed. You had a year to seek out information and learn which decision is right. As the universe administers this test, it offers no excuses or refunds.

So I took the vax. What to do with suspected side effects?

I'm not a doctor and cannot treat you. Then again: doctors are a lottery and trusting the wrong doctors may kill you. If you neglected that before, you need to start evaluating health claims for yourself.

The indicated biological mechanism of ivermectin is competitive binding with the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. This suggests it could be studied for effectiveness with "long Covid", as well as vaccine side effects.

Robert Malone – the mRNA inventor who initially took the vaccine, but is now critical of them – got himself some ivermectin to see if it helps his "long Covid". Others are reporting positive effects and improved symptoms.

There is a smoker's paradox associated with Covid. In multiple studies, it turns out smokers are much less likely to experience severe Covid symptoms. An anonymous poster describes a plausible mechanism:

Yes: we're turning to anonymous posts on 4chan when our governments are not protecting our health, and are instead overtly trying to force us with harmful injections. The truth is "samizdat" under a repressive regime.

This suggests a mechanism of disease, in Covid as well as the vaccines, are abnormal monocytes corrupted by spike proteins. It points out nicotine can clean up the abnormal monocytes, causing them to commit apoptosis.

I know of this clinical trial to see if nicotine is protective against Covid. The study is supposed to have completed June 20, but there are currently not yet results posted.


If you made it all the way down here – treat yourself to this. :)


Bill said…
Thanks for your interesting article. I just finished reading the 1995 book, , by Guylaine Lanctôt. On page 141 (if memory serves me) she states that the then-recently-formed Trilateral Commission had a goal of reducing the U.S. population to 100,000,000 as part of their "Agenda for the Eighties." This would be roughly the same time period as the construction of the Georgia Guidestones, with their stated desire to maintain humanity at 500,000,000 people worldwide.

I have tried to understand who is behind the Deagel website - some people have suggested Edwin Deagle who died in February of this year. Regardless, the prediction that the U.S. population will be reduced to 100,000,000 in the next four years seems rather haunting! Is a 70% vaccination rate needed for a 70% reduction in population?
Bill said…
The 1995 book by Guylaine Lanctôt is titled The Medical Mafia.
denis bider said…
There's lots of interesting information in old books!

For example: Stanley Johnson, who is the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, wrote a novel in 1982 called "The Virus", where the government releases a deadly virus into the population as cover for population control using a forced vaccine.

No kidding.

The same Stanley Johnson was photographed in October 2019 hanging out at a Cornwall literary festival with members of the Extinction Rebellion. You may remember them from the recent G7 summit. They were the creepy women dressed in red, performing a cultish "demonstration" right next to the G7 event. They must have had special permission to do this.

Another is the book Verbatim I, published in 1981 by Jacques Attali, a French Bilderberger and political advisor to Mitterand and Sarkozy. Excerpt:

"The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population... Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good... We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn't matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone."

And this is what is happening. And you can't dissuade them! They refuse to look as it's staring them in the face. 😂
Bill said…
Thanks for the titles of the two books! Here is the quote from The Medical Mafia, page 141: "One finds a new, extremely effective and subtle tool for population control, particularly among the poor and non-whites. This policy is not exclusive to the overpopulated countries of the Third World. It also applies to industrialized countries. In its program Agenda for the Eighties, The Trilateral Commission (world government) determined that the ideal, desirable population for the United States would be 100 million people."
denis bider said…
Holy macaroni. Thank you for sharing that. That eerily matches the Deagel forecast 😬

What is the greater context of this:

"One finds a new, extremely effective and subtle tool for population control, particularly among the poor and non-whites."

What is this "extremely effective and subtle tool"?
Unsustained said…
What will they say the reason for the mass deaths? Now i understand the needy are getting vaccinated multiple times for free gift cards, money everything they are offering bc funny thing is you don't need i.d. for poke
Unsustained: They could blame the deaths on pathogenic priming, ADE or unanticipated epithelial bleeding. They could likely get away with simply pretending these people died from COVID, knowing well that competitively obedient gliberals only look where they are told, getting us back to the idea of, say Darwin Awards and Agenda 21 IQ Tests.

Occam's Razor suggests the ruling fascist globalist plutocrats just wiped out the entire white left that expresses, sincerely or not, anti-capitalist sentiments. However, I suspect something far more complex is in motion. It's difficult for me to image that the dysgenist plutocrats want to kill all the Ivy Leaguers, where all elite/elitist schools now require full vakSINation for "COVID".

Refuseniks at "Public Ivies" are being offered abusive testing programs deploying kits that are perfectly capable of implanting nanotech, poisons, and pathogens directly into your trigeminal nerve (direct path to the brain) or directly into your cerebrospinal fluid. These tests will be nearly ubiquitous for dissenters and offer a plausible mechanism for killing off "Deplorables" like us.

I also wouldn't rule out the possibility strategically placed batches (e.g., to wealth demographics) are somehow protective against, say, the ravages of 5 Jee or whatevertheHell they deploy via aerosols, food, water, etc.

I expect a gradual die-off targeting especially the poor, underclass whites, and the elderly, with the rich receiving placebos, the fortunate survivors eventually being forcibly downloaded with self-aggregating cradle-to-grave behavioral, health, and sterility control systems which will eventually give way to radical genetic transformation. Note that Epstein and Gates funded a study with the now abolished Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard which assessed how sexually reproducing species can be transformed into eusocial species. That's right. They intend to turn us into obligate, sterile, eagerly obedient slave castes as they treat themselves to much longer, more opulent lives. It's my experience research of this nature is about 30 years behind in the civilian sector, so they may be able to do this now. Sadly, so long as the new slaves are happy, there could be surprisingly little in the way of protest.
denis bider said…
Unsustained: Anecdotally, they're already blaming after-vaccine deaths on Covid, then stress that we need more vaccines.

Patricio Elizondo was fully vaccinated, stayed mostly indoors, wore a mask, and "died of Covid-19". Conclusion? His condition "could have been worse if he was not vaccinated at all:"

Patricio Elizondo

Data from multiple countries suggests that benefits of vaccines quickly vane, while harmful effects are long-term. This data is simply ignored. If vaccines work, why did the US move Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries, to designation Level 4: Do not travel?

Israel - Level 4 - Do Not Travel

If masks work, why does Hawaii, a state that has high compliance with a never-ending mask requirement, show a record spike in "cases"?

Hawaii masks and daily new cases

Instead, the CDC sweeps that under the rug and gaslights about supposed record cases in Florida, by making (and then walking back) this kind of "mistake":

CDC admits it did overcount Florida's COVID cases

It's all being done with plausible deniability. But the track record suggests that, with hook or crook, they are working toward this result:

4 Billion “Useless Eaters” to be Culled by 2050

From this book, published 1993:

"At least 4 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races."

"The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion"

"The United States will be flooded by peoples of alien cultures who will eventually overwhelm White America, people with no concept of what the United States Constitution stands for and who will, in consequence, do nothing to defend it, and in whose minds the concept of liberty and justice is so weak as to matter little."

This is both (1) in line with the Deagel population forecasts, and (2) matches what's happening on the US border.

Who is behind this?

Open Wikipedia and check out the Trilateral Commission. How did David Rockefeller – unelected, unappointed, built nothing himself, and foremost a billionaire heir – put together an institution to coordinate the actions of American, European, and Japanese governments?

Do current actions of world governments show a degree of coordination? In what way could that be coordinated?

One of the first polio vaccines that caused significant harm in the 1930s was developed by the Rockefellers. They are deeply involved in the pharmaceutical industry, as in many industries. Did you know that?
denis bider said…
Excellent video. Occupational therapist in Hawaii speaks out in detail about diagnostic fraud and hushed-up vaccine deaths in the elderly:
Bill said…
Sorry for the delay in answering your question: the context of the quote from The Medical Mafia concerns "The scapegoat virus" beginning on page 140. In this case, it was the "Human Immunodeficiency Virus," the alleged cause of AIDS. The author has several paragraphs that show how this "epidemic" was exploited for many ends, including the one I quoted.
Bill said…
Also, this whole "vaccine" rollout of the past year reminds me all too much of the penultimate scene in the movie, On The Beach, where the surviving humans line up for their "sleeping pills" as the radiation from nuclear war builds up in their part of the world.
Josh said…
Always remember what the Nazis did in Germany.

Create an enemy Nazis=Jews CDC=Jabbed

The CDC all of a sudden said they think the jabbed carry 1000x the viral load. If that's not calling someone a spreader of disease I don't know what is.

After the CDC said that, public interest arose about the CDCs interment camps.

hmmmm first calling someone a spreader of disease than bring up camps? Sounds familiar.
The problem is they are blaming the unjabbed to prompt the jabbed to get violent and make themselves seem like an enemy so when they take out the jabbed we wont care much cause a lot will say "They deserve it for what they did to us"

That's the key to all of this. Make and enemy and condition us to not care when that enemy is taken out.

Mike Oxmaul said…
Kinda dumb to indiscriminately kill everybody, isnt it? Who will mow the lawns? Trim your hair? I guess you need to own Service Corp Intl, right? At least Ebola and AIDs killed a certain population - that made some sense(sorry Ryan White). In any event, the strong will survive. Wouldn't want to be Beezos or Gates. Watch your six.
denis bider said…
Mike - the other day I showed my son the stuff we have around the house, keyboards, mice, water bottles, toys, every item of any kind you can think of. I pointed out how, for every item we could find where it's made, it was "Made in China."

If everything is "Made in China," then what do the people in the United States make? What are the people in the US and Europe good for?

The Bezos's and the Gates's seem to think the answer is: nothing. They see the people of the US and Europe as mainly consumers, people who use up the stuff that hard-working people in other countries make.

And yes, they are wrong.

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