Distressed ICU nurse covers all the bases

This nurse's video covers everything, including:

  • ivermectin
  • hydroxychloroquine
  • PCR tests and the casedemic
  • vaccine effectiveness
  • vaccine safety
  • VAERS reports
  • natural immunity
  • variants
  • media and big tech gaslighting
  • senselessness of vaccine mandates
  • senselessness of vaccinating children

Watch here, or find source video on Bitchute:


Mike Oxmaul said…
Great Info. My doctor who is a board certified internal medicine specialist has a diametrically opposed point of view. Is he:

1) stupid
2) uninformed
3) on the "take"

denis bider said…
Mike - let me answer this way.

What do you call a medical student who graduates at the bottom of his class?


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