Antibody-Dependent Enhancement: Increasingly likely

The same government that wants to inject you with a magic substance, or you can't board a plane or a bus, has reason to know this substance will cause Antibody-Dependent Enhancement when you encounter the real disease, and this will worsen your outcome ☠ in every way:

Check comments: I'll add several other interesting links from today.


denis bider said…
(1) Occupational therapist in Hawaii speaks in detail about Covid diagnostic fraud and undisclosed vaccine deaths in the elderly:

(2) Linked by Dr. Robert Malone on Twitter:

Dr. Ryan Cole, Mayo-clinic trained, board-certified pathologist, talks about autopsies not being performed, and effects of the jab seen in corpses.

Highlights: Pfizer's own study finds 16% reduced fertility in rats; the spike protein wrecks your immune system which is crucial in suppressing viruses and cancers; "I have seen a 10-20x increase in uterine cancer in the last 6 months in my laboratory."

(3) Attorneys in Hawaii file class-action lawsuit: "We can show 45,000 deaths in 72 hours from this vaccine"
denis bider said…
Very comprehensive video! I was not well aware of many of the correlations presented. Thanks for the link.

I'm not sure I previously linked this video which became very popular, so I assume most have seen it. It was removed from YouTube after 3.2 million views.

Dr. Dan Stock addresses the Mt. Vernon School Board in 6 minutes:
denis bider said…
Regarding the money: companies like Vanguard manage investments for countless institutional and individual investors. For example: you put your money in an index fund, and Vanguard uses it to buy stock.

Who gets the voting rights associated with that stock? You? No, Vanguard. So the people who run Vanguard are using other people's money to pursue their own politics.

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