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Hijacking the followers

It's worth considering this graph of US 2021 vaccine hesitancy : Let's zoom in on the data in May: The source study is likely underestimating vaccine hesitancy across all groups. They conducted their survey the easy way: using Facebook. People who are skeptical of shots are much less likely to still be there, or to have ever been there at all. The median responder was age 55-64, when the US has median age 38 . Real vaccine hesitancy is higher. Three groups Broadly, these data contain three groups by education: Knowledge leaders. PhDs are at the forefront of human knowledge. They have no higher authority to follow, except other PhDs. If these people don't know where we're going, then probably no one does. People in this group are less likely to form in-groups and out-groups. They are more likely to evaluate information from all sources and draw their own conclusions. By education, this group contains the highest relative share of people who are CO

Distressed ICU nurse covers all the bases

This nurse's video covers everything, including: ivermectin hydroxychloroquine PCR tests and the casedemic vaccine effectiveness vaccine safety VAERS reports natural immunity variants media and big tech gaslighting senselessness of vaccine mandates senselessness of vaccinating children Watch here, or find source video on Bitchute :

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement: Increasingly likely

The same government that wants to inject you with a magic substance, or you can't board a plane or a bus, has reason to know this substance will cause Antibody-Dependent Enhancement when you encounter the real disease, and this will worsen your outcome ☠ in every way: Check comments: I'll add several other interesting links from today.

Dr. Martin Kulldorf on vaccine passports, Delta, and the "public health fiasco"

For the past year, you've had three kinds of sources to consult about what's happening. The professional and "reputable" media. By now, information is plainly available that these are not just lying; they do not just want us ignorant; they are acting in disregard of our deaths . A rag-tag constellation of resistance. These sources look disreputable at first. They're amateurs, they lack production quality, they exaggerate, they guess, and the presenters seem to be really upset. These people and websites get demonized and censored. You can't post a Facebook link to these sources. These are the people you should listen to. If you do not, then you have biases about what's "trustworthy". There are a few outlets who walk the line. They present information you should know in a way that comforts biases, understates serious things, and does not scare. The Epoch Times is one of these. They created this interview with Harvard epidem

Google censorship is here

Google's censorship has arrived at this blog, too. The following post can no longer be published: The Google employees who are looking at this need to realize that they are working for a fascist company; they support a fascist ideology; and that they are not morally better than Germans who collaborated with Nazis. By the time all this is said and done, Google should be completely dismantled. The people who participated in these actions should be despised and unemployable. You should not be able to get an IT job with Google on your CV in 2021. For now, it is time that this blog moves to a different platform. It has been obvious that Google is evil for a long time.

JP Sears: "How loud are you singing?"

"Fewer than 10% of Germany's population of 79.7 million people actively worked or campaigned to bring about Hitler's change." Excellent video shared by JP Sears:

Alec Zeck on gaslighting

From Twitter – a thread by Alec Zeck: I find Alec's insights very compatible with Seth . His comparison with our situation is on point. This is humanity experiencing unprecedented psychological abuse. The lesson out of this is to trust yourself. You create your own reality. You are your own ultimate healer. Any effective healing that seems to come from the outside involves invoking your capacity to heal yourself. Alec's thread: Why I will never blindly trust the “experts” and why I see through the manipulation so clearly. During my adolescence, my mom and I were gaslighted, manipulated and abused by my dad. physically, mentally, and emotionally. While my dad was at rehab and because of the abuse my mom endured, she went to go see a psychiatrist who simply diagnosed her as depressed with genetic mental illness and prescribed her multiple benzodiazepines and SSRIs over a few years. Remember, this doctor was an “expert,” and we believed they knew best. My mom did no