Public Health Scotland: Interpreting vaccine effects on deaths

Take a look at this Covid-19 Statistical Report by Public Health Scotland, dated June 23, 2021.

What good news! Only 5,522 people died within 28 days of their Covid-19 injections. This is 1/3 fewer deaths than 8,718 that were expected to die. The science is saving lives!

How is it possible these vaccines reduce deaths even below numbers without Covid? Ages under 50 are almost unaffected by Covid deaths. In January, in Scotland, this group had maybe 20 Covid deaths. They expected 153 deaths from all causes in this group, but saw 95 after the first "jab". This must be an elixir of youth! Is it curing cancer?

By June 11, almost all who were likely to die were vaxed. Should we see a dip in total deaths? From the National Records of Scotland – all deaths:

The spike in early 2021 coincides with the start of vaccinations in fragile groups. Per Scotland's Covid-19 dashboard, 90% of those in age groups 80+ and 70+ received their first doses by February 3 and February 14, respectively.

Based on raw data, these are deaths within 28 days of vaccination, by month:

Dec:   106
Feb:1581   ← almost all fragile people vaxed

That February spike sure looks like it corresponds to vaccinating everyone above age 70. Could that be why total deaths in February were higher than any February before that?


Effectiveness? What effectiveness?

You are so much better-off cutting deaths by 90% using ivermectin:

This is as opposed to the semi-effective, semi-annual clot-shot whose real purpose is that you accept a vaccine passport to just win back some basic freedoms. But you will never again have freedom of speech - or to refuse an injection:


Boris Kolar said…
I'm not sure I follow your logic. The article says 5,522 people died withing 4 weeks of getting vaccine in the period between 8th December 2020 and 11th June 2021, which is roughly 6 months. The longer the period (which is ~6 months in this case), the more people are expected to die, right?
denis bider said…
Hey Boris!

It's unfortunately much more complicated than that. I did make a mistake, but not the one you point out. I neglected that those who received two doses and died had a chance to be counted more than 28 days. I have reworded the post. :-)
denis bider said…
I just came across very interesting stats from Israel which I added in the post above.
Charles B said…
You should read this:
Charles B said…
Or this:
denis bider said…
Charles, that's hyper-bullshit. You should avoid disinformation like this.

You do not appear to understand that all mass media are compromised, and they are spreading propaganda which is outright lies.

An example is this lovely Alabama doctor spinning a story about how she has to tell dying Covid patients, young and previously healthy people who are begging for a vaccine, that it's too late for a vaccine, they have to die now. Pure propaganda:

There are no young people in Alabama even dying from Covid. And if they were, ivermectin would help them:

Seriously, don't link The Guardian except as an example of the lies we're being told. Quoting The Guardian on Covid is like quoting Mein Kampf on ethics.
Boris Kolar said…
Robert Kiyosaki also made a comment about big media censorship in this video: (at 7:15).
denis bider said…
Boris - wow, cool clip at 7:15. :)

Yes, one of the most incredible things right now is the realization that mass media are totally and completely controlled; that they have been controlled for decades; and that almost none can be trusted.

Outlets like Fox News and "reputable" commentators like Ben Shapiro are controlled opposition who say things conservatives agree with, until something happens that really matters. Then, they join the coordinated narrative.

It is appalling to realize that the only information anyone can trust right now is that provided by amateurs, renegades, rogues, and dilettantes. And then, you have to take into account that we are amateurs and dilettantes. But most will not intentionally lie; whereas the mass media definitely is lying, big-time, and on purpose.

Some exceptions are The Epoch Times and OAN, whom I have not yet seen lying. But these do not dare to report things that are urgent and must be said, but are not 100% certain, and they often tone down their reporting in a way that does disservice to the situation.

Among the things that should be seen, here is Mike Yeadon once again trying to warn us, to teach and explain:

I think this is a must-see and I don't know what more authoritative source could give this.
Boris Kolar said…
I wanted to find some numbers that would actually allow me to calculate something meaningful about vaccine dangers, but of course, the governments are protecting us from the truth:
denis bider said…

"You asked: ​How many people have died for any reason, within 28 days of being administered, any vaccine related to sars-cov-2 (covid-19) in England & Wales since vaccinations began."

"As such, the information you have requested is considered exempt under Section 22(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, whereby information is exempt from release if there is a view to publish the information in the future."

Nice... ๐Ÿ˜ They'll publish after everyone is vaccinated! ๐Ÿ˜
denis bider said…
BTW - I've been doing a weekly count of reports of Covid-19 vaccine injuries in the European "EudraVigilance" drug safety database:

The most recent numbers are: 745k all reports (people, not symptoms), 342k serious reports (also people) and 11,868 deaths.

As I mentioned, I had to write software to process individual records and count deaths based on entries in the "symptoms" column, because they do not make this number available.

Meanwhile, a CDC whistleblower filed a lawsuit:

The lawyer, Thomas Renz, reports the whistleblower signed a sworn declaration claiming the number of deaths after vaccination, which the CDC should report, is at least 45,000. The true number might be higher still:

"Further, these numbers are “based on how many people died within three days of the vaccine in just one system that is reporting to the federal government.”

Renz continued to explain, “there are reportedly around 11 or 12 systems that are reporting deaths and injuries to the government,” and his own estimation is that the real numbers are “immensely higher” than even the 45,000 deaths, even if he can’t immediately prove it."

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