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John McAfee

John McAfee was found dead in his prison cell in Barcelona today, ostensibly a suicide. This was his tweet on November 30, 2019: He repeated this sentiment in October 2020, much after he was arrested. Maybe he changed his mind. There exist these interesting claims potentially connecting John McAfee to a pseudonymous YouTube account that uploaded drone videos of Epstein's island, in July 2019, after Epstein's arrest. The videos are pretty amazing in 4K. Supposedly, McAfee "caught the feds" moving evidence off the island. Subsequent investigations "found no leads". Prior to this, in June 2019, McAfee tweeted this: Gee whiz, I wonder what "the press" might do with these files. All of the mass media are naked in bed with the State. In July 2020, McAfee posted this video where he stated obvious, common-sense things about the US "Deep State". His arrest warrant was issued a week later and he got arrested in Spain, where he is now

These are not the first harmful vaccines

The Covid vaccines are murderous. I crunched this from the European EudraVigilance database – up to June 17, 2021: The Reports column is the number of people , not adverse effects. The total number of effects is ~3x times as many. J&J is almost not used in Europe, hence the low number of reports. It was quite difficult to extract the number of deaths. It's like they don't want you to see them. I had to download individual Line Listings in CSV format, then count the entries containing "- Fatal -": findstr /C:"- Fatal -" 20210622-Pfizer-2021.csv | wc -l ZIP of CSV files . SHA-384: d2f726bcb118fd06bba04c7019e931e6d782e74d187eefa4385d540075a91c76d4455a5370e879ba4555dcafad549a66 Here's a great article that looks into how the numbers in these databases are likely bogus, on the example of the American VAERS. Look at how vaccine safety has improved over the months, with no change in formulation! The VAERS death rate dropped from 18 per 100,000 to 3

The plan to make everyone slaves

You may have heard that Blackrock and their allied entities are buying up housing in the US like crazy. They're purchasing entire neighborhoods and paying 1/3 or more over asking price, driving up the cost of housing. It's worth noting these are the same people who own large pharmaceutical companies and mass media. The most obvious explanation is that they're preparing for a currency collapse (of their own making). This may well happen in either case. But there's a larger implication that's more sinister: Consider that with this: Now for two additional factors: High probability: the USD inflates dramatically due to intentional government money-printing. Homes that sell for $300,000 today then go for $3 million or $30 million. This sets up large "capital gains" for all homeowners. Low-to-middling probability: the "experimental" Covid-19 "vaccines" lead to large waves of deaths in coming years. Widespread inheritance ha

When America?

It should be clear to anyone with a brain right now that the US has been taken over by an unholy coalition of Marxists, corporate globalists, and federal bureaucrats headed by the security state and the intelligence agencies. This is an unholy coalition of people who think it's logical for them to rule you, because the fact that they have power is evidence that they're better than you and they deserve it. This coalition is attempting to eliminate individualist principles in their last remaining natural reservoir: American white people. You can see the media going on 24/7 telling whites to feel guilty about being white, and decrying those who disagree as racists and white supremacists. When people do not feel guilty for being white and try to fight for honesty and transparency in elections, they're being labeled as nutjobs, far-right extremists and domestic terrorists: When I look at AG Merrick Garland here, it sends shivers up my spine as I realize how important it wa


By this time, you are probably aware of the Fauci emails , which show that Anthony Fauci was complicit in funding the Wuhan lab which probably developed SARS-CoV-2. You may be aware this research originated in the US , ran into safety and ethics concerns, and led to a 3-year moratorium . As a result, the research continued in the Wuhan lab in China. An interesting coincidence is that the White House under Barack Obama lifted the moratorium on gain-of-function research on January 9, 2017 – 11 days before President Trump's inauguration: The very next day – January 10, 2017 – Anthony Fauci went on record at Georgetown University and predicted "There will be a surprise outbreak": For this, the gaslighting media hailed Fauci as some kind of magical Nostradamus. It's easy to predict something you're actively planning. Almost certainly, with Obama's full knowledge and complicity, to release in an election year. On October 25, 2019 , Joe Biden tweeted : W


I present these tweets with my comments after. Don't miss the one outlined in red: Comments... The woman and her friends are all experiencing typical vaccine side-effects (see the comment by kek_saved_the_world ) where the spike protein produced by the vaccine clogs up ACE2 receptors: [We need ACE2] to CLEAVE Ang II into Ang 1-7.. Ang II raises blood pressure and heart rate. With ACE2 blocked [we are] unable to turn off Ang II [resulting in] high blood pressure causing all kinds of issues. Because it can't be the vaccine she forced on everyone, the woman thinks it must be stress. She apparently also coerced it onto her recently college-graduated daughter, who did not need this and would be healthy and safe from Covid , sans vax. Think what you will about her other destructive delusions that come with the package, like She/Her and #BlackLivesMatter . These people live in a clown world where everything is indoctrinated and upside down and nothing needs to make sense.