The United States, as run by fascists

Behold, fascism in the United States.

Fascism is the union of corporation and state. It's when corporations aren't satisfied with controlling your work life. They also want to dominate your social life, your free expression, and the acceptable range of political opinions. Because your bosses are your betters – not only in the workplace, but personally!

Are these "simply" actions of private companies? No, there's collusion between them and the state:

Meanwhile, abroad...

Canada, Australia, and the UK are already farther gone in many ways. In Australia, a pregnant woman who opposed senseless and harmful economic lockdowns got thrown in prison. The UK routinely arrests thousands of people every year for "offensive" online comments, while Canada fences off churches and sends SWAT teams to them.


Andrew said…
Minor nitpick, but important to point out regardless to show how easily we are swayed by propaganda.

The officers you see in the video are regular Calgary police. The Calgary police force's own "SWAT" is the Tactical Unit (TU). While similar in function, they don't use the name SWAT. The purpose of SWAT, TU, or their various counterparts around the world are to bust down doors and strike hard and fast in a life or death situation. Why would you send them to something that can easily be handled by regular officers? And more importantly, the casual stances, lack of weapons in the hands of the featured officers, and the lack of urgency should give away the fact that the TU is not present.

This is the Calgary TU attire from a quick google search:

Did what you see in the video match what is shown above?

denis bider said…
Totally fair point. For as long as the pastor is able to video the police, call them "the gestapo", tell them to "talk to my lawyer", and they don't beat him, that is a semblance of civilization. It does not approach the famous wheelchair scene in The Pianist.

But a bunch of stuff is happening in Canada that has almost completely trampled the respect I had for the country. The Ontario police is stopping people just for being outside. They set up border checkpoints to interrogate people if they have "legitimate reasons" to enter the province.

For international arrivals, Trudeau announced these fascist quarantines, non-optional, in government facilities. You can get stuck with a stint for testing positive on tests which are known to have significant false positives. PCR tests can be positive on motor oil and soda. Recently, 52 passengers from the same flight tested positive in Hong Kong after a 5-hour flight where they presented negative results in Delhi. Entering Canada, testing positive on this gets you placed under medical arrest.

Meanwhile, Trudeau is all kinds of pals with China. Despite denials, it turns out he did in fact invite the PLA to train in Ontario. In Vancouver, the Chinese Communist Party is permitted to operate freely. Not only have they bought out most of the place, but the large restaurant chain Haidilao has two surveillance cameras per table, 60 for the entire restaurant, that stream their feeds directly to China.

Canada, the UK, Australia – they are all gone...
denis bider said…
But yes, all of these countries can be recovered.

Germany and Japan could be recovered from much worse. There's no reason we can't recover Canada, Australia, and the UK, as long as the US recovers.

Which means, it must recover from the globalists.

Hopefully, this will be as easy as the globalists toppling over and falling into themselves, because they never stood on anything.


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