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What the f... is going on in this world?

This is kinda funny: But this is ridiculous and depressing : What the f... is going on in this world? Is sense ever going to make a comeback? Are we stuck with educators acting like complete nutcases? How can we ever respect teachers and schools after this? They are showing themselves as complete buffoons! Here, let me remind you – October 20, 2020, NBC 26 on YouTube: Suppose we tested everyone for the common cold, using a test that has 10% false positives. If we treated everyone who dies after testing positive for the cold, as a death caused by the cold: what would be the estimated infection fatality rate? It would look pretty much exactly like this picture.

A world in which it's not worth existing

The mental patients have taken over the world, and now run the asylum. The people did not vote for this. Who cares about voters? "Fortify" the election, for our good! An unholy alliance of oligarchs with god complexes. Deep state apparatchiks. Propping up mental patients. Before, there was an inconspicuous elite. Now, they rule openly. Before, subtly advancing totalitarianism. Now, subtle as a sledgehammer. Before, the healthy could speak, but could not make a difference. Then they made a difference. The internet wasn't locked down! Wrong guy got elected! Bad – white supremacy! Now, the healthy cannot speak. Only the mentally ill. Every website, news outlet, social network and TV channel. Everyone who disagrees is a racist and a terrorist. Ban. Cancel. Deplatform. Kill! Mental illness now rules . News. Distortion. Fear. Censorship. Editors pushing the lie of the day. Media controlled by a few billionaires. Lie retracted the next day? It was effective. Does not