Biden vs. Trump: Sex Predator vs. Sex Predator 2020

If this video is to be believed, the Democratic Party is engaging in primary voting fraud to thwart Sanders:

They can do this by relying on non-traceable voting machines. Besides, if they get caught, their defense is that the votes are merely advisory. The party is a private organization and has no duty to run someone they don't want as a nominee.

Fraudulent promotion of Biden was apparent already a year ago.

In case you didn't know, Biden is an exceptional creep. That's a Twitter thread - click "Show this thread" to expand it. There's the story of his encounter with Tara Reade which goes firmly along the lines of "grab them by the pussy".

Biden is the face of status quo. He's a supporter of the Patriot Act and a champion of mass surveillance.

So the 2020 election is going to be Oligarchic Sex Predator vs. Autocratic Sex Predator. Fully corrupt on both ends.

This will alienate Democratic voters again. So Trump wins. And honestly, does it make a difference?

Edit May 23, 2020:

However, if half the claims in this article are true, then Tara is a piece of work with real credibility issues:

Politico: Defense lawyers look to reopen cases where Tara Reade testified as an expert

This convinces me that Tara's claims are not to be taken at face value; especially considering how it recently turned out that the "anti-abortion" conversion of "Jane Roe" (from Roe v. Wade) was all an act paid by US anti-abortion fanatics. Perhaps this will convince enough people?


DanSmith said…
Does this mean that either Warren or Klobuchar are slated to be Biden's VP?

Who do you think would be the "less bad" option and why?
denis bider said…
Probably doesn't matter. Biden is going to lose because Trump is going to be triumphant with his response to the Covid crisis. All of the lockdowns are going to look idiotic, with major harm having been done to the economy for no gain, when it turns out that the mortality rate is much lower than believed. It's going to turn out that the mortality rate is perhaps 0.2%, that New York City has already gone through the brunt of it, and that its population is already over 50% positive. Trump is going to look justified and everyone else is going to look like idiots responsible for people losing their livelihoods. Now add to this that Biden is decidedly mediocre, and Trump wins.
denis bider said…
Add to this that people are going to receive $1,200 checks that say "Donald J. Trump" on them, and they will think the money is actually from Trump himself. That he's giving it out as a "billionaire".

No kidding. This is what a large proportion of voters are going to believe.
Boris Kolar said…
From this stats I see mortality rate is quite high: (see closed cases).
denis bider said…
Boris - that kind of site is exactly the problem that leads to harmful, may I say idiotic public policy decisions being made right now.

The data on that site is not any kind of science, it's simply an aggregation of the bad data that is available right now. It is the epitome of GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out.

The "garbage" is the numbers of "confirmed" cases, which does not reflect reality in any way, shape, or form. Those numbers are completely misleading because (1) countries are limited in the number of tests they administer, (2) the tests have false negatives, (3) instead of testing the population at random to sample the true number of cases, they administer the tests to sick people, especially if they're part of a risk group.

Of course if Italy tests primarily 60+ year-olds that come to the hospital complaining of respiratory issues, they're going to find the number of cases is such-and-such, and mortality is high. Then this frightens the rest of the world into panic, everyone locks down their economies, and all before any science has been done.

Here's some actual data we're starting to get about the virus's real prevalence:

Antibody research indicates coronavirus may be far more widespread than known

CDC reviewing ‘stunning’ universal testing results from Boston homeless shelter

How Large is the Iceberg? New Evidence from Kansas City

To quote one of the great prophets of our times, H.L. Mencken: "No one in this world, so far as I know ... has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people." We must generalize this – it goes not just for plain people, but for policymakers and experts as well.

What we are witnessing right now is the failure of policymakers to do any science at all before making major decisions that affect the lives of millions. Fortunately, there exist natural experiments such as Sweden and The Netherlands on the one hand, vs. New Zealand on the other. These, at least, will inform us that one side or the other is being an idiot, and I think it's going to be New Zealand.
denis bider said…
China, of course, being the greatest and most harmful idiot of all. First they created the pandemic, whether through wet markets or sloppy lab procedure. Then by repressing news of the pandemic - by disappearing people, of course. Then by failing to perform useful science to inform the rest of the world and their own policy making, because their culture of governance vastly promotes short-term political convenience over truth. Now they are suppressing research into origins of the virus, since of course they know the findings would not be "face-saving" for them.

A thoroughly despicable culture.

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