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Biden vs. Trump: Sex Predator vs. Sex Predator 2020

If this video is to be believed, the Democratic Party is engaging in primary voting fraud to thwart Sanders: They can do this by relying on non-traceable voting machines. Besides, if they get caught, their defense is that the votes are merely advisory. The party is a private organization and has no duty to run someone they don't want as a nominee. Fraudulent promotion of Biden was apparent already a year ago. In case you didn't know, Biden is an exceptional creep . That's a Twitter thread - click "Show this thread" to expand it. There's the story of his encounter with Tara Reade which goes firmly along the lines of "grab them by the pussy". Biden is the face of status quo. He's a supporter of the Patriot Act and a champion of mass surveillance . So the 2020 election is going to be Oligarchic Sex Predator vs. Autocratic Sex Predator. Fully corrupt on both ends. This will alienate Democratic voters again. So Trump wins. And honestl