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Ergonomic keyboards: Microsoft Sculpt vs. Logitech Ergo K860

For decades, I've been typing on laptop keyboards, on the one hand because I like the flatness of the keys and the compactness of the layout; and because I didn't want to be clumsy with the laptop keyboard when I travel. As a result, I've been suffering from that laptop keyboards are straight and narrow and force the wrists into unnatural positions. After kids, I now rarely travel, so continuing to use the laptop keyboard has become less justifiable. Of course, I'm too lazy to learn a new keyboard out of sheer strength of will. And so, the down arrow key on my laptop broke and it happens to be a model for which there is currently no key replacement. So I took this chance to look into more ergonomic keyboards. I wanted to keep the flatness and compactness, so I found the two options in the title that looked the most attractive. First, I ordered the Logitech Ergo K860 . I used it full-time for 5 days, typing many emails, programming and gaming: I came to dislike th