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Libertarianism in bullet points

What it is: A moderate or extreme belief in the non-aggression principle . Socially, a person owns their body . Does not receive dictates on how to use it. Economically, a person owns their property . Does not receive dictates on how to use it. Main flavors: Utilitarian , or classical social liberal: Maximize non-aggression principle as long as results for most people are neutral or good. Supports a tax-funded state with a professional military and efficient public services. Prefers easily navigable regulation, but supports regulation as necessary. Supports redistribution to meet basic needs not met by charity. No longer called "libertarian" in the US. Mostly perfectly sensible. Neo-classical: Maximize non-aggression principle, second only to need for group self-preservation. Supports a minimal state with a professional military. No tax-funded public services. Supports no regulation except minimum to define the state and property. Supports no redistribution,