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"May prosper all the nations"

Jana recently wanted to share with the world – or at least, Facebook – the Slovenian national anthem , because it is a rare hymn that doesn't over-celebrate national pride ; or call for indiscriminate bloodshed ; but instead... May prosper all the nations who long await to see that day, when over Earth's creation all fight and strife shall be at bay; when all men shall be free; no devils, only neighbors; no devils, only neighbors 'll be! Alas, that's not a widely recognized translation. In fact, it's very new. It's... my today's take on it. If it sounds a bit archaic, like in "all men"... Well, the original was published in 1848. It's supposed to be! The official translation , though... By Janko Lavrin, from 1954... It starts like this: God's blessing on all nations ... Cue screams from Jana across the hallway. "Who saw it fit to insert a god in this?!" The whole point of Prešeren's stanza is coexistence and pea