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Study: Sweeteners cause diabetes through changes in gut flora

I previously wrote about my experiences with glucose intolerance: My brush with diabetes: Zero-calorie sweeteners and insulin resistance Insulin, diabetes, exercise, and frequent urination A study has now found: Diabetes: The Sweetener Paradox [T]he scientists adjusted the drinking water of the animals by adding the maximum recommended daily consumption dose of saccharin, aspartame or Sucralose. The control animals drank sugar water or unsweetened water. After eleven weeks, the researchers repeated the glucose tolerance test – with a clear result: during the experimental time period, all sweetener-drinking mice developed glucose intolerance, whereas none of the control mice did. [...] [T]he researchers administered high dosage of the broad-spectrum antibiotics ciprofloxacin and metronidazole, which act on Gram-negative bacteria, to both the leaner and obese animal subjects. During the antibiotic treatment, the animals continue to drink sweetener-containing water. Already aft

Vitamin D-3 test results

I previously posted how: Vitamin D-3 is a hormone most of the developed world is probably lacking , and how a deficiency in Vitamin D-3 may have put me into a deep depression , which seems to have improved greatly since I started supplementing a more substantial dose of Vitamin D-3. As of December 19, 2014, I have been targeting a Vitamin D-3 intake, in pill form, of 7,000 IU per day, for over two months. My other sources of Vitamin D-3 ought to be negligible (little or no exposure to sun). My D25OH test results have been as follows: Sample Date Result Average Daily Change October 8, 2014 27.15 ng/mL / November 12, 2014 49.71 ng/mL +0.64 ng/mL/day December 12, 2014 58.71 ng/mL +0.30 ng/mL/day I have three hypotheses for why the average daily change has dropped off towards the third test: Body adjusts. Perhaps the body makes use of more Vitamin D-3 when more is available in long-term storage. This would be excellent news - it would mean a person can continue to take a con

On moral relativism

An overly rational person, such as myself, can spend decades wondering about a basic question, such as: "What is bad, and what is good? Can we even tell the difference?" It turns out this is not so hard. Love is good. That which comes from love is good. Caring is good, so is compassion. The opposites of love could be considered: hatred; fear; indifference; not caring. Those are bad. There we go. That wasn't so difficult. Too bad it took me a few decades. I posted the above some place on Reddit, and was surprised by the immediate vitriol I received. I can sometimes get deeply upset about people, but in this particular case, it was so mind-boggling I couldn't even stay angry. People were literally upset with me because I said "love is good". Of all the things that I could say - that's what they were upset about. :) Another person observed this: "A lot of people here are stuck in a backlash from the moral absolutism of church, etc..