Aaron's adventures #5

It's been 7 months since I last posted photos! My family has been reminding me about that. :-)

These are sorted oldest at the top, newest at the end. It's been a while, so there are quite a few.


Kurt Coleman said…
You Can't take too many pictures! You'll see, he will grow up and you guys will grow old, then these pictures will remind you of those moments and where ever live takes you, these will remind you of more simple times. I really like when a child discovers them self in a mirror. Also liked the threesome selfie with the yellowish tint
Marchia Boon said…
what a sweet darling..... love the selfie of the 3 of you in bed....
you are blessed with endless happiness. hugs and kisses to all inc. the furries.
denis bider said…
Thanks Kurt, and thanks Marchia :-)

I agree - the selfie with all three of us is one of my all time favorites. :-)

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