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Terrible Weakness

Brilliant. By Dave Palumbo , "Terrible Weakness": Since not everyone seemed to be figuring it out where I found it, or they had weird theories, I played art analyst: The way I see it, he killed a woman who loved him. Her spirit is being pulled away from this world (the knife is in his hand, her death is recent), but even in death, she continues to love him (still hugging him, not letting go). Even as his shirt is soiled with her blood (a heart-shaped stain - implying love between the killer and the victim), her peaceful expression makes it seem she has forgiven - perhaps never blamed him to begin with. One way to look at the name of the piece is that she had a terrible weakness - her love for him. But love isn't terrible; neither is compassion and forgiveness. The real terrible weakness, I think, is his proneness to anger and violence, the inability to control it. The destruction it wrought has been awful. It ended her life, and cost him a future with a woman

In favor of economic incentives for healthily-proportioned mixed-race neighborhoods

I was recently involved in a discussion about race and racism. It revolved around findings such as in the following Economist article : Three-quarters of all victims and nearly 90% of perpetrators are male. Black Americans are only 13% of the population, but over 50% of murder victims. Among black men between 20 and 24, the murder rate is over 100 per 100,000 (see chart). [...] Perpetrators in America tend to look like their prey: less than 20% of murder victims are killed by someone of another race. The conversation also revolved around the contentious issue of race and average IQ . I reproduced some arguments I had recently written: The main problem is the color itself, and its reliable correlation with IQ. This is unfair to exceptional individuals, who are judged superficially by their skin. Others notice the difference, and treat black people poorly and exclude them. This treatment causes them to bundle together and turn inward, producing hopeless, crime-ridden ghettos. I

Aaron's adventures #5

It's been 7 months since I last posted photos ! My family has been reminding me about that. :-) These are sorted oldest at the top , newest at the end. It's been a while, so there are quite a few.