Suggested WoW ability: Living Nightmare / Dying Nightmare

I suggest for either of the following player abilities to be added to WoW. The reasoning is that this would be awesome and cool. Either of these would fit the kit of a Warlock, a Shadow Priest, or a Death Knight:
  • Living Nightmare. This would be a non-spammable CC ability with a medium-to-long cooldown.
  • Dying Nightmare. This would be either a passive ability that activates randomly when dealing a killing blow to a player; or an active ability with a cooldown, giving the targeted player a debuff, and activating if the player dies with the debuff. Dying Nightmare would be an "enhanced death" experience, rather than a CC.
On activation, either ability would leave the targeted player's body behind, and would teleport their spirit into one of the following locations:
  • A rocky cliff with a narrow tightrope to another cliff, where there is a portal. If the player makes it across the tightrope without falling, and enters the portal, the player is ported back to their body without delay - either ending the CC, or causing them to die. There is a side wind making it difficult to walk the tightrope successfully. If the player falls off, or doesn't attempt to walk the tightrope, the player is returned to their body when a timer expires.
  • A room with three walls. One of the walls is missing, instead of it there is a black abyss. The player starts on one side of the room, with a strong wind moving them towards the abyss. The player must use a speed boost to successfully cross the room and get to the exit portal on the opposite side before they are blown into the abyss. If the player fails, their spirit falls into the abyss, and is returned to their body when a timer expires.
  • A garbage compactor room with walls closing in on the player. On the floor, in front of the player, there's a knife. The player can click the knife and end the nightmare, but doing this deals damage to their body on return; the more damage the faster the player chooses to return. If the player doesn't click the knife, the walls continue closing in. When the room crushes the player, a scream is heard, and the player is returned to their body.
The challenge is to implement this without requiring a loading screen. Doing that would probably require a fair bit of infrastructural support. But it would be awesome!


Kurt Coleman said…
Lol, I would like any of these although the 3 walled room seems more fitting. I have a love affair with the Shadow Priest, even though it is my worst dps and it seems to be the easiest to kill (in an all equal fight), it is still my favorite to play. Giving this to the Priest would generate more interest to the class thus giving it some much needed use in the game other than the buff. The fears used to be the main defense against the plate wearers but now its not unique being that the plate wearers now have fears as good or better. Better meaning that when you trinket a Priest fear, you get to go back to killing him. When you trinket a Warrior Bladestorm, you are still slowed while stuck in his overpowered damage and he is immune to being feared.
denis bider said…
Yeah... Bladestorm is pretty ridiculous. :) I've been in BGs where by far the highest DPS was a warrior, and by far his highest damaging abilities were (1) Bladestorm, (2) Deep Wounds proccing off Bladestorm.

If you've observed the work of WoW class designers over the years, you just have to accept that they'll make stupid design choices and not fix them for years. Then when they do "fix" them, it will be another stupid design choice, possibly in the opposite direction.

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