Indian communication

It's not uncommon to be offended if one suggests that a group of people who share a superficial trait have other traits in common. Nevertheless, correlations exist.

I'm noticing some consistent features in my interactions with people from India over the years. These features affect me in varying ways, from annoying to funny:
  • Use of revert instead of "reply". They often ask to "revert as soon as possible".
  • Use of the needful instead of "what's necessary" (or not saying anything at all). One common phrase is "please do the needful".
  • When they're expecting something from you - such as a service - they tend to communicate in a tone that is entitled, talks down to you, and is disrespectful.
  • When communicating about anything by email, there seems to be a trend to include at least 10 people on an exchange that is completely trivial. None of these other people ever participate in the communication. Still, the person you are talking to CCs seemingly everyone on their team. Is it to show that work is being done? Or is the intent to pressure you with all these other people present in the conversation?
June 26, 2015: I found this humorous CNN article about "10 classic Indianisms". :)


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