Zero-tolerance schools kill

I don't normally post stuff that's on top of the Reddit front page anyway, but - this really pisses me off:

Ontario mom urges schools to let asthmatic kids carry puffers

Ryan Gibbons, 12, died after a severe asthma attack during recess at Straffordville, Ont., school

Many schools in the US and Canada have zero-tolerance policies, in which everything - including essential emergency medicine, like inhalers and epi-pens - is considered a dangerous drug that must be kept out of kids' hands, whatever it takes. An asthmatic kid can't carry an inhaler. An allergic kid can't have an epi-pen. Instead, if an emergency arises, the kid has to go to the principal's office, or to the school nurse, and kindly ask for her emergency medicine. You know - if she doesn't die on the way there.

Obviously, this is dangerous. At the very least, the delay makes any health incident worse. Reasonable parents work around this policy, and give their kid a spare inhaler or epi-pen, to hide. Reasonable teachers pretend they don't notice.

Well, Ryan's mom did that. He's had his contraband inhaler confiscated many times. Then one day, he experienced an attack, didn't have an inhaler, and had to be carried to the principal's office. The office was locked. He died. Because, you know, keeping drugs out of kids' hands is more important than that they live in the first place.

How schools are able to get away with this is beyond me. Designing and enforcing this policy is outright, deliberate child endangerment. Every official who took part in confiscating inhalers from this child directly contributed to his death.


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