World War Z vs. The Last of Us... and other games

World War Z came out the same week as The Last of Us, but I only saw the movie now. I played the game in August.

World War Z is a movie version of the game. You got your deserted hallways with flickering lights, inhabited by clickers, who trudge around with zombie steps and are disadvantaged in the vision department, but are keenly attracted to sound. Once they hear you, they rush at you and you're dead unless you bash them with a crowbar, or hit them with several bullets (they never stop after just one).

If you're going to play the game, you obviously also have the time to watch the movie. It's not bad. But if, for some reason, you had to choose - play The Last of Us. The relationship between Joel and Ellie; the story that unfolds; the genius melancholy music... it comes together so well. If you only watch World War Z, it's... a much more plain and shallow play at the topic. The game is intense, frightening, moving; the movie, Jana and I watched as a comedy, laughing at how much it's like someone ripped off the game.

Yes, by all means, play the game. Sadly, it only runs on PlayStation 3. For me at least, though, it was worth buying a PS3 for.

Assassin's Creed IV is pretty good, except I'm not really into the pirate fantasy. It's cute, it's fun, it's well done, it has things going for it; but I still have more fun playing World of Warcraft.

GTA V, on the other hand... that really sucks. You would probably have fun with that if a life of crime is something to which you aspire. For me, there's just no way I can identify with low-life scum who go around robbing and killing and stealing. Yuch. Disgusting. I have zero motivation to play past the point where you finish that first joyride, and bring the guy to his house.

Oh and, gosh - the above is mostly games released this year, but I can't not mention one of the most amazing games ever: Portal 2. I still have fond memories of going up through the old, decaying remnants of Cave Johnson's test sites.


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