Monogamy kills

Check out this awful story:
Wife and I have been together for 14 years, and on October 24th we celebrated our 12 year anniversary. Together we have 3 children: Martin 10 years old, Casey 7, Tiffany 4. Wife was a fantastic woman, and even better mother.

A month before her suicide she was acting very strange. She began withdrawing affection from me. It has always been a routine that before I would head out for work I would give her a kiss. However, whenever I went for a kiss she would always pull away.

When it came to talking, she would rarely give me eye contact. I tried many times to try to see what was going on and she would just play it off.

Last week, when I came home. I noticed that the kids were home alone. I started calling my wife, after 3 hours of no answer. We ended up calling the police. The next day she was found in her car dead; she had committed suicide. There was a suicide note, where she confessed to cheating on me, and that she could no longer handle the guilt.

My heart froze then and there; all I could think about was having her back. I would have worked things out with her, this could have all been saved. I want her to know that she wasn't alone.

Right now, my kids are taking it really hard. My youngest daughter, still asks when mommy is going to come back and it breaks my heart. My wife left me all alone.
Here's a great woman, a good wife and mother, driven to suicide because she's conflicted between what she feels (love for her husband and children, as well as love for another person) and what she feels everyone is expecting of her (to be "loyal" to her family by never loving anyone else).

This is tragic and unnecessary. There was no reason for this woman to not love freely.


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