People who can't use lifts

More specifically - people who:
  1. Press both the up and down button when they call the lift. As if they're going to go both directions.
  2. Board a lift going the wrong direction, even when the direction is clearly signaled before they enter the lift.
  3. Fail to notice that the lift refused to register their floor selection, because it's going the opposite way.
  4. Grumble when they need to select their floor again, once the lift has reached bottom.

Our parking is in the bottom basement of our building. When I call a lift, and it arrives with a person already in it, and that person doesn't disembark, I immediately know:
  • They're a dumb fuck who pressed both the up and down buttons when they called the lift, causing the lift to stop on their floor when it didn't have to. This wastes my time waiting for the lift.
  • They're a dumb fuck who entered the lift going the wrong way. This wastes their time, because now they're going with the lift, all the way the wrong direction, before they can even start to go where they want to. And it wastes the time of others, because now the other lift, which goes the right direction, but which they did not board, is going to stop on that floor without anyone boarding or leaving.

It doesn't happen just to kids, either. I keep seeing middle-aged people who have no business arriving at basement E, and really should have known better.

If only folks could learn to press only the button for the direction they want to go, and then board a lift that's actually going that direction. No one's going to say anything, but we will silently thank you.


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