Halloween Baby

Our son Aaron was born in the CIMA hospital in San José today, after 37 weeks of pregnancy, at 14:37 local time, October 31, 2013, by Caesarean section. He's tiny - 47 cm and 2300 g - but vivacious and hungry, and appears to be healthy despite his size. His weight seems to be mostly in his balls, which are bigger than his penis. His feet are tiny, and he arrived into the world with a head of dark hair, just like his momma.

We expected he'd be premature, but we didn't expect it would have to be by C-section. Towards the end of the pregnancy, ultrasound showed calcifications in the placenta. According to the ultrasound specialist, these calcifications were signs of an intrauterine infection, which could have resulted from a week of a flu-like illness which Jana experienced in August. There was a low level of amniotic fluid, and the baby had been behind with weight progression for a while. Since the amniotic fluid is composed to a large extent of the baby's own urine, the gynecologist interpreted its low level as a sign that the baby wasn't getting the nutrition it needed. He recommended that Aaron would be better off outside, and that a C-section would be preferable to induced labor, because dilation hadn't yet taken place.

(Edit: According to another doctor we heard from, calcifications are as expected in late-stage pregnancy as wrinkles in an 80-year old woman. She argues that a lower than average weight is still normal, and a low level of amniotic fluid has no relationship to the nutrients the baby is getting. The CTG results were perfectly normal, so she thinks the C-section was unnecessary.)

Jana received epidural anesthesia, which was administered painlessly, and was awake throughout the procedure. I held the baby for about an hour after he was born, waiting for the mommy to come out of surgery, experiencing a variety of emotions, but mostly awe.

Jana and Aaron are now in their room at the hospital, where I'm returning shortly with some goodies.

The mommy's first look at Aaron

First time in his mother's arms

In the room now, and hungry!

Edited to add: Day #2

With daddy!

At home. :-)


Sunshine said…
My eyes got all teary when I saw those pictures and remembered my similar moments. His balls will shrink, do not worry about that. :P

I hope breastfeeding will work out fine. That's a phenomena worth of awe on its own. And there will be many more moments of awe when you'll see that little creature develop into a full grown human being. :) I'm happy for you, because it's an amazing journey...
denis bider said…
Thanks, Maša! I hope so too. I only wish I would have asked someone to take a picture of me during those first few moments. :)
Lana Milinkovic said…
There is nothing better then to look at your new born child and feel humble before the perfection of the nature and it's ability to make these little beings so perfect. It shoots you off to a new dimension :)

I was surprised by the name though. I guess it has no connection to the Biblical Aaron? :)

Congratz again! Let me know if you need any help with baby issues. My Tara is already 12, but I still remember it all :)
denis bider said…
@Lana: I don't know about the perfection of nature. Nature creates things like parasites that kill their hosts, and maladies and diseases aplenty, so I'm kind of cynical about that. :)

But yes, with Aaron here, we are now kinda poly! I now have two people who are the most important to me - it's just that one of them is so tiny. :) And cute!

There's no relationship to the Biblical Aaron - we simply like the name. We like that it's pronounceable without major differences in English, Spanish, and Slovenian. And I know there's no relation, but its Jewish heritage somehow reminds me of Asimov, whose books inspired me when I was a teen.

It may also be practical if he's able to pass as Jewish, since they run the world and are the dominant race nowadays, and all.
Kaana said…
Congratulations to the little Aaron for making it here! And a friendly nod to the Mom and Dad too. :)
denis bider said…
Thanks, Kaana :)

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