Songs for broken hearts

Aside from the gut-wrenching emotions that make you want to take a knife and cut open your abdominal cavity to release the debilitating pain that resides there, having your heart broken has one advantage: all of the songs on the radio suddenly seem to be about you.

Half the music you hear seems to be written to investigate every possible facet and aspect of emotion that might arise after losing someone you didn't want to lose. Longing, despair, anger, resentment - every possible way you might feel is expressed for you. And you will feel all of these ways.

Take this, for example. It's Maroon 5: Payphone. When I first heard it, I liked the tune, but I didn't think much of the lyrics. Today, it seems every word is about me.

Or how about Adele: Someone Like You. Strikingly moving, even if you don't identify with the lyrics. More so if you do.

Then the radio might play Simple Minds: Don't You (Forget About Me), and you smile to yourself bitterly, because it says what you wish you could say.

Optimistic, encouraging tunes also play. So Try comes on, where Pink recognizes your pain, and nudges you to pick yourself up, and give life another go.

The radio is full of this. Never does it seem so much like one song after another is speaking directly to you, as when you're not yet over someone.


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