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Free tarot readings for all

I want to get better at tarot, and I don't have that many ponderous questions of my own to ask. If you want a shitty tarot reading from someone who has no clue, drop me a note. :-)

Post mortem

I hate Atlanta already. First, it's the reason I'm here. It shouldn't have to be like this. I hoped to win back the heart of the person I came for. Instead, I've had to flee Birmingham, so she could no longer feel threatened by my presence. Not that she even has a way to know that I left. But I couldn't in good conscience stay, after she reluctantly reached out to me while drunk, only to tell me how much she now hates my guts; how much it scared her I was there; and how she wants me to suffer... Second, the room is a dump. Compared to the comfortable suite they had for me at the Meadowbrook Hampton Inn, this Holiday Inn Express is a cramped, poorly ventilated shithole, at a higher price. The desk is tiny and it shakes when I type. I shouldn't have chosen downtown. I would write more, but I'm dead inside. Maybe tomorrow. In the meanwhile... I wonder if I can read tarot. At my 5'7", I never thought I'd find a hotel bed in the US that fe

Some things are worth it

I did something that might be considered creepy. Okay, super creepy. I traveled 1,700 miles to another country, in a desperate attempt to win back someone who had already expressed intent to change her phone number so she would no longer be contacted by me. I had other reasons that compelled me to travel, but I could have gotten that done somewhere else, if not for this. I was humiliated and failed miserably. I expected that. I hoped for a different outcome, but I really couldn't have expected something other than what I got. I did it anyway, because to do otherwise would be to betray what I value most. I believe emotion gives meaning to life. Most people try to control it, repress it, make it tame. I think emotion is to be experienced, and an opportunity to experience it should be cherished. It should be cherished like a unique opportunity to taste a new and mesmerizing dish - but more so, because emotions are much harder to come by. Many people think emotions should be


Elysium is an awesome movie. It's worth seeing. A sci-fi spectacle with Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, William Fichtner, and lots of blood splatter. What more do you want? Like most such movies, of course, it has a fundamental flaw that completely undermines its premise. It makes heroes of the wrong side. Spoilers below. The real villain of this story isn't Elysium; it's a lack of population control. The real hero aren't the people of Earth; it's life-saving technology. The movie's naive conclusion is that, when all the billions of people on Earth are made citizens of Elysium, the life-saving technology miraculously becomes available to all. This is not how things work. When a resource is only available to a few people, it's usually because it's scarce. What makes a resource scarce usually isn't a decree from government, but a law of nature that we have not yet learned how to overcome. In order for a major new technology to become more cheaply a

Oak Mountain State Park

Went hiking today. These are from Oak Mountain State Park, minutes out of Birmingham. There ought to be more water in the falls, apparently it hasn't rained in a while.

Photos from Birmingham, AL

I never thought I'd sing praises to a place in Alabama. As recently as half a year ago, I didn't think I'd ever visit here. Based on what little I heard of the state from the media, I imagined Alabama as a backward place populated by country hicks who sing corny songs and believe in a flat Earth that's 6,000 years old. Sadly, such people do live here . But for the most part, I had preconceived ideas which, in hindsight, were as accurate as the education about Kazakhstan that can be obtained from Borat. For one thing, I didn't expect Birmingham to be this wonderful. I may have had excellent luck with weather - sunny every day I've been here - but it stands to reason this place would be lovely all year. Everything is so green. There are trees everywhere! Forests in the middle of the city! And everything is so well maintained. Wherever you look, the grass is manicured, flowering bushes adorn intersections, and elegant homes are gently nestled under the trees.

Songs for broken hearts

Aside from the gut-wrenching emotions that make you want to take a knife and cut open your abdominal cavity to release the debilitating pain that resides there, having your heart broken has one advantage: all of the songs on the radio suddenly seem to be about you. Half the music you hear seems to be written to investigate every possible facet and aspect of emotion that might arise after losing someone you didn't want to lose. Longing, despair, anger, resentment - every possible way you might feel is expressed for you. And you will feel all of these ways. Take this, for example. It's Maroon 5: Payphone . When I first heard it, I liked the tune, but I didn't think much of the lyrics. Today, it seems every word is about me. Or how about Adele: Someone Like You . Strikingly moving, even if you don't identify with the lyrics. More so if you do. Then the radio might play Simple Minds: Don't You (Forget About Me) , and you smile to yourself bitterly, because it s

MSI GT70 Blues

My beloved Alienware M18x recently died on me after 22 months of service. Other than its premature demise, it was the best laptop I'd ever had. I was supremely happy with it. Since you can't get a decent laptop with a high-end graphics card in Costa Rica - or at least I don't know where to get one, and you can't get one delivered directly from the US - I had to jump on a plane to the US, and order a new laptop as soon as possible. I would have wanted another Alienware, but Dell takes a good 2-3 weeks to ship anything, and they don't take non-US credit cards, so that was out of the question. Instead, I found the MSI GT70 on Amazon, which I could get in 2 days. Great! Then the laptop arrived, and the blues began. MSI GT70 sucks The model I chose already came with a 256 GB SSD for the OS, but I find that too small. My intention was to replace the 1 TB HDD that also comes with the laptop with my Vertex 2 solid-state drive that I used in the Alienware. Hah. The d

Side Effects

Side Effects is a very good film. I recommend.