Our new home

We're excited about finally having moved in. :-) After a year of renting, we're finally in a place of our own again! Just in time for the baby in November. :-)

This is our new home in the Metropolitan, in San Jose, Costa Rica. :-)


Access hallway

This is the exercise room. Akhem... it's the kitchen.

Living room and dining area

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

My office, slash battlestation! In this pic, sporting the one YouTube video I was able to load.

You can stay here if you visit. :-) There's a bathroom as well. Sorry about the queen bed; king didn't fit into our previous apartment. Besides, no one comes to stay, anyway!

Little guy's room! No baby furniture yet, but we have a stroller. Worst case, he can sleep there. ;)

So the rows are even, a bonus pic of the stroller. All the relatives want to see that. Included free of charge is also a curious cat, sporting a shaved tail of the latest fashion.


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