Letter to Ellie

Sunshine raised the point that I'm coming across as a cold rational machine, devoid of feelings and empathy. Thanks for sharing that perspective; I do appreciate it. It leads me to think about who reads these posts. It is friends, as well as strangers. Perhaps some of the friends would appreciate if I wrote more about what's happening to me, on a more personal level.

So, without further ado... I can bad poetry, too. :-) This is what went down with me recently...

Letter to Ellie

Your skin is fair, your eyes are bright

your cheeks are delicately freckled

you smile at guys, you're a delight

you relish to invite and beckon.

Hand on your thigh, it pleases you

you're in his throes, no matter who

the pleasure high, it's best when new

he comes and goes - bid him adieu

for love has pain, and that's not for you...

You abhor thorns... but love roses.

The trip was long, and we got lost

as passion pulled us together

we went through pain, it was worth the cost

I'd do it all over, whenever.

I loved you for you, but it wasn't enough

your nature cannot be bended

irritable skin, fury within

all feelings in which Ellie can't swim

they burn wildly, unattended.

You do not see, but what you really are

is a girl who never ascended.

You do not see, but I've been your Joel

just not the way you expected.


Sunshine said…
Now THIS is refreshing to read. ;) I'd be more than glad to read some more of this kind, to even out all the rationality on this blog. ;)
denis bider said…
Hvala! *blush* :-)

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