HIV infection risk

I'm not sure if sharing these statistics is a public service, or a disservice:

On the one hand, it's a service. Even if your partner in a one night stand happens to be HIV positive, infection is a lot less likely than people assume. There are other viruses to think about, including HPV and herpes, but those only really make a difference to people whose alternative to sex is living in a convent. If you've had any significant number of sexual partners, you've been exposed to various HPV strains, and most people get some kind of herpes in their lifetime. There are bacteria, but for the time being, if you get tested, they can be detected and cured.

So, the fear of STDs is overblown. People in general could have a lot more sex than they currently do, and with more partners.

On the other hand, sharing the above statistics might encourage people to have more unprotected sex. If that were to happen, then STDs would spread more, and then intercourse would in fact become riskier.

I'll err on the side of knowledge, and argue that (1) being aware of the above may improve your sex life, (2) your knowing this is unlikely to change infection risk by much, and (3) if these statistics teach you anything, it's that if you are going to receive anal, you should most definitely have the guy wear a condom.


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