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The doghouse: United Parcel Service

UPS doesn't only suck in St. Kitts - it also sucks in Costa Rica. I recently ordered a package from the US for my wife. It's been taking a while to arrive, so I checked tracking. Look at this: They didn't contact us about the package even once . The address on the package is very detailed. There's a reception desk in our building that's staffed 24/7. The UPS contractor could bring the package over any time. They didn't even try to. Instead, they're recording these fake notices about how we "requested delivery at a future date". UPS. Unabashedly Pathetic Service. They should wear that on their uniforms, proudly.

My brush with diabetes: Zero-calorie sweeteners and insulin resistance

Over the past few years, I've thought of myself as taking decent care of my body. I went from looking like that , in February 2006, to looking like this , in May 2013: denis, February 2006 denis, May 2013 The way I did this was through (1) some aerobic exercise, mainly at first, to get some initial weight down; (2) weight lifting, to develop muscle mass; and (3) a rigorous application of my diet , high in protein, restricted in calories, but not otherwise restricted in content. Imagine my surprise, then, when I recently had a full blood test done - the first one in probably 15 years - and the results for my glucose and insulin were these: Insulin: 150.5 uUI/mL (reference range: 2.0 - 27.0) Glycemia: 155 mg/dL (reference range: 60 - 100) Glucose: 8.61 mmol/L (reference range: 3.3 - 5.5) HOMA-IR: 57.59 I hadn't been fasting when this blood sample was taken; an hour before the sample, I had eaten a breakfast of 410 kCal and 36 g of protein, the rest mostly carbs. T