Glimpses of rarely observed reality #2

This story was related to me by my wife. I thought I should write it down before the memory becomes too old to be trusted. It may already be too old; it has been 20 years since this experience.

J was 9 years old when this happened, but the story starts before that. J's parents had a close relationship with a neighboring family; the families frequently visited. The neighbor's wife, M, was living with cancer, which she first developed about 15 years prior to these events. She had a strong will to live, and tried everything she could - modern as well as alternative medicine. She had quite a few "bioenergists" working with her over the years. Some helped her for some time; others refused to treat her.

Around the time of these events, M was receiving help from a bioenergist from Rijeka. Apparently, this bioenergist taught M how to tap into his energy if she needed to, when her disease took a turn for the worse. Some time later, the bioenergist died.

When J was nine, she was with her grandmother during a period when M's battle with cancer took a turn for the worse. At about the same time as M was hospitalized, J woke up one morning feeling sick, and needed to vomit. Ten minutes later, she needed to vomit again, and then again, and then again. Her parents were called, and took her to a primary care physician, who sent them to a nearby children's hospital. The hospital performed a variety of tests; blood work, urine tests, gastroscopy, tests for meningitis, a bone marrow sample (which she recalls was exceedingly painful). Meanwhile, J continued to vomit, she could not eat, and needed infusions to stay hydrated. If she did start to vomit, she was unable to stop.

After several days, the hospital was unable to determine the cause of her illness. The diagnosis was "stress". J's condition had improved slightly, most likely due to the infusions, and she was released into the care of her parents. She was nevertheless very weak, and was unable to sit up, even during the trip home. During the trip, she felt nauseated and exhausted. Upon returning home, J was too weak to do anything herself; she could not stand or walk, nor wash herself.

Shortly after, J's parents called a bioenergist. Upon her arrival, she observed that the child had practically no energy left, and that her energy was draining. She began their first session the same evening, "channeling energy" to J through hovering hands. J recalls how, even though the bioenergist did not touch her while hovering, the proximity of her hands felt very warm; but the hands themselves were cold when she physically touched them.

The following day after the bioenergy session, J was able to get up and wash herself. Her condition improved from there, slowly. She was able to start eating again, still vomited from time to time, but increasingly rarely. The bioenergist continued to visit at first; as J improved, she would then visit the bioenergist. After several weeks, J was back to her former self, and apparently healthy.

About a year later, J was in school, when she suddenly fell ill in the middle of a classroom session. She became nauseated, started to visibly sweat, and got a terrible headache. Her teacher was concerned, and called J's parents. J's mother came to pick her up and took her home. J laid on the couch for the rest of the afternoon, continuing to feel sick and nauseous, when eventually, the phone rang. It was someone calling to inform J's mom that M had died, finally succumbing to her battle with cancer.

By the following day, J felt well again, and went to school.


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