The horrid beeping of Tripp Lite UPS

The power goes out in Costa Rica every once in a while, so I bought a small UPS, just for the modem, so that internet access would not be disrupted during short outages. It so happens that the UPS is from Tripp Lite.

It turns out, whenever the power goes out, the UPS announces this fact by beeping. In a very loud, annoying, high pitch. Over and over again. Every several seconds. Three times in a row, and then again.

So I bought a UPS so I could continue working when there isn't power. But then, when the power goes out, I can't work because the UPS becomes so distractingly loud.

It doesn't matter if it's day or night, either. If the power goes out while I'm sleeping, I don't really care. But the UPS will make absolutely sure to wake me up!

There does not appear to be any button to disable this horrid beeping. The only cure I've found is to turn the unit off. At which point, it's as good as having no UPS.


Unknown said…
Hey Denis,

Fellow resident of Costa Rica here (Nosara, Guanacaste) and I bought the Forza UPSes from Office Depot in San Jose, and guess what they beep as well. Just a little less annoyingly, they only beep once every 5 seconds. They were on for 44k Colones (good?) So I got two of them, the SL-761 brand.

I agree with you, these Tripplite UPSes are super annoying. If I was a braver soul and knew my way around electricity, I'd open it up and disable the alarm, but something warns me away from opening a live battery to just poke around. :)
Unknown said…
Does anybody know there is another brand alternative giving the user the option to disable/control the volume of the beeps? I will sell mine and buy another if there is an alternative.
Noob Man said…
I had the same problem with a Tripp Lite Internet750U and I physically removed the speaker from inside the UPS.

Here is a link where I explain what I did:
James said…
I also have a couple of Internet750U UPS units and had the same issue with that absolutely obnoxious alarm. I ended up opening the unit, cutting the PCB trace to the speaker and soldering a 470 ohm resistor across the cut trace between the speaker and the transistor that drives it. Now the beep is very soft but I can still hear it and tell when it goes to the long continuous beep indicating the battery is critically low. If you never want it to beep you can just cut the trace and leave it this way, or remove the speaker entirely.

I really cannot understand why UPS manufactures can't figure out that many people use these things in their homes where people sleep and the alarm is obnoxious. There should always be a simple way to turn it off completely.

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