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Just another reason I deeply dislike Apple

Apple's iCloud service will silently discard emails containing words or phrases Apple has chosen to ban: A reader called Steven G. alerted Macworld sister site, Infoworld, to the issue. His email goes to some length to explain how he discovered that the phrase was banned: Steven G says: "A screenwriter was delivering a PDF attachment of a draft of his script to the project's director, by emailing it from his iCloud/MobileMe account to Gmail. The problem? The script would never arrive, no matter how many times he would send it. But sending other PDF documents worked fine." He began experimenting with the file, turning the screenplay to a PDF and ZIP and then encrypted the file using Apple's encrypted archive format. But it came with an unusual "Not Virus Scanned" message appended to the subject field. He began to suspect that something inside the file was failing and then started to cut it into smaller parts to send it. Steven G. writes: "AND

The horrid beeping of Tripp Lite UPS

The power goes out in Costa Rica every once in a while, so I bought a small UPS, just for the modem, so that internet access would not be disrupted during short outages. It so happens that the UPS is from Tripp Lite. It turns out, whenever the power goes out, the UPS announces this fact by beeping. In a very loud, annoying, high pitch. Over and over again. Every several seconds. Three times in a row, and then again. So I bought a UPS so I could continue working when there isn't power. But then, when the power goes out, I can't work because the UPS becomes so distractingly loud. It doesn't matter if it's day or night, either. If the power goes out while I'm sleeping, I don't really care. But the UPS will make absolutely sure to wake me up! There does not appear to be any button to disable this horrid beeping. The only cure I've found is to turn the unit off. At which point, it's as good as having no UPS.