Condominium for sale in Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

St. Kitts is a small, green, sunny island in the Caribbean. It's part of a two-island federation, St. Kitts and Nevis, located about an hour's flight east of Puerto Rico. The islands are an independent nation, part of the Eastern Caribbean Community, and part of the British Commonwealth.

We moved to St. Kitts in May 2007; we are originally from Slovenia. Living on the island has had its benefits and shortcomings. For my part, the shortcomings were largely outweighed by the warm, all-year-round sunny weather. I just love that about living on the island. My wife, however, prefers more of a city environment. After 5+ years on St. Kitts, we are looking to make a new home in Costa Rica, and to sell our condominium in St. Kitts.


I'm looking for something in the range of USD 525,000. That's about $150k less than what it cost me 5 years ago, even before inflation, and less than its recent appraiser's valuation, which is $595 - $640k.

The reason I'm pricing it like that is, we used the Citizenship by Investment opportunity that came with buying the condominium. It is therefore no longer of interest to those who seek to invest to obtain a citizenship. However, it is of interest to buyers who would buy it for the place it is.


The condominium is located in Frigate Bay, in one of the most attractive areas of the island, where many expatriates live, and most leisure activity takes place.

It is located 100 yards from the Atlantic beach, and 500 yards from the Caribbean beach. You can see the exact location on Google maps, here.

The development is 10 minutes by foot from the Marriott Resort, a nice hotel where you can find a spa, some shopping, a well-equipped gym, and a collection of restaurants. The Marriott golf course is right in front.

The Caribbean beach nearby has a promenade of open-air restaurants and bars where beach volleyball, water sports, and night life happen.

A neighborhood convenience store, a coffee shop, and several restaurants are within walking distance, 5 minutes away.

For bigger needs, the main town on the island, Basseterre, is 5 minutes away by car. A majority of the large stores on the island, from groceries to home improvement, are on the side of town that's easily accessible from Frigate Bay.

The international airport, with daily connections to Miami, neighboring islands, and elsewhere, is less than 10 minutes away.

Size and Layout

The condominium occupies the top two floors, 3 and 4, of a residential building that has 5 other condominiums sharing the same stairwell.

The condominium is rectangular in shape, with an inside floor area measuring about 55' x 30', totaling about 2870 square feet with both floors (265 square meters). There are additionally two balconies, one on each side of the building, bringing the total area to about 3500 square feet (325 square meters).

Downstairs, there is a large kitchen that extends into a large dining and living area, surrounded by 3 rooms, a utility room, and 2 bathrooms. There are views of both the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

The kitchen is Italian, by Aran, and has many cabinets, large working space, and an island. It is one of the nicest parts of the house.

Upstairs, there is a large living area, surrounded by 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. One of those rooms is our master bedroom, which includes a walk-in closet. The living area upstairs has a view of the Caribbean.


The condominium has cable TV and internet access via The Cable, as well as a phone line and internet access via LIME. In our experience, internet access is reliable - surprisingly, better than in Costa Rica.

The electricity comes from SKELEC, the government electrical company. There are outages from time to time. Sometimes all is good for a few months, and sometimes the power is out every other day, a few hours at a time. I include a couple small generators with the unit; you could have a larger one installed.

All windows in the condominium have hurricane shutters, which are motorized, operated with a switch, and have a manual backup. By closing shutters, it is possible to make all rooms completely dark.

Every room has a separate air conditioning unit; if one fails, the rest can be kept air conditioned.


You can also find photos of St. Kitts I took in past years, here.

Access and parking:

Entrance stairwell:



Upstairs living area:

Upstairs bedroom:

Upstairs bathroom:

One of the downstairs bedrooms:

One downstairs bathroom:

Other downstairs bathroom:

Utility room:

View from north balcony:

View from south balcony:


Tim Gjovik said…
Hi Denis,

I have a question on the economic citizenship program you used. I have read a little about it. My question is whether one can buy a qualifying property using a mortgage, or whether it has to be a cash sale?

thanks in advance for your time if you are able to respond.

Tim G
denis bider said…
Hi Tim,

I believe a mortgage works as well. You might be able to get one from the local banks, but I'm not sure of the difficulty.
Tim Gjovik said…
Thanks for the response Denis. I just ran across this tonight and thought you might want to check into it.

read the first paragraph under requirements and procedures. I'm referring to the 2012 new regulations

thanks again

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