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Monogamy and polyamory in our culture

I know people who are innately polyamorous, and people who are innately monogamous. The innately polyamorous people don't feel like they can be restricted to one partner, but they don't feel the need to restrict their partners either. The innately monogamous people can't imagine their partner being with others, but they don't feel the slightest desire to be with others, either. I believe, however, that many people - perhaps most - are neither the former or the latter, but are, instead, born hypocrites . We would like to screw around, but we don't want the same freedom for our partner. Our education, therefore, needs to consist either of: (A) reinforcing the idea that we shouldn't screw around because we don't want our partner to do so - therefore, monogamy; or, (B) reinforcing the idea that, since we want to screw around, our partner should be able to, as well - therefore, polyamory. The thing is that neither approach works best for all peo