The doghouse: Cabletica

If you find yourself in Costa Rica, looking for a home internet provider - pick ICE.

I signed up for internet with both ICE (the phone company) and Cabletica (cable), because I want a backup connection in case the primary is down.

The ICE technician arrived the next day, installed the phone line, installed the modem, and everything worked.

But Cabletica... oh boy.
  • The Cabletica technician first came around a few days after ICE (the companies were contacted at the same time).
  • When Cabletica first came around, there wasn't a computer or a TV in the apartment, so they said they can't install, because they have no way of testing the connection. Apparently, the company doesn't entrust their technicians with equipment they need to test.
  • When Cabletica came around the second time, the technician messed with the phone cables for no reason, disabling our ICE connection temporarily. The modem had to be restarted twice to bring the ICE connection back online.
  • The Cabletica technician left us a modem and an activation code. Before he left, he said I should use the activation code in a browser when the modem gets a connection.
  • Once the modem was online, trying to activate using the provided activation code resulted in an error. At the time of this writing, it still doesn't work.
  • Our landlord contacted Cabletica several times for us. A technician was supposed to visit us again, but didn't.
  • Cabletica said they would call us, but didn't.
  • I sent Cabletica an email, but so far, all I got was an automated reply.
  • Cabletica pointed us to their online chat function on their website - which I was only able to access because we have a working connection from ICE. I tried accessing the chat function on two separate days mid-day (11 am and 1 pm, respectively). Both times, I was told no operators were available, and I should try again "during working hours".
To summarize - Cabletica is a mess. In addition, I was told by people who use it that they've recently experienced as much as 12 hours of uninterrupted down time.

Except strictly as a backup connection, I wouldn't recommend Cabletica to anyone.


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