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On feminism

I recently observed the following conversation: Muslim Female: I have nothing whatsoever against gays, but I do despise feminists. Other Person: So you believe that women are inherently inferior to men? That's a fascinating thing for me to try to understand; that people would willingly regard themselves as inferior. I just can't comprehend that attitude. Of course she didn't think women are inferior to men, and she explained so. However, one way of looking at it is that males and females are biologically different. Women menstruate and carry children; men do not. There are consequences that arise from these small biological differences. For example, some households may prefer for one parent to stay at home. Given the biology, it may be more convenient for that person to be female. In today's western societies, both men and women are expected to work full time jobs. Unfortunately, this leaves families scarcely better off today, than they were in the 1950s. When