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UPS Delivery Fail

I live in St. Kitts, in the Caribbean. I usually prefer to send and receive packages using FedEx, because I've never seen them fail. A month ago, I ordered a package which was sent by UPS. The package's due day arrives. I check its status using online tracking: it says they attempted delivery, but no one was present. We were, in fact, at home. We live in a condo building with the number clearly marked. The address was correct on the package. No one knocked, at all. So I jump into my car and head to the local UPS office. I find the delivery guy right there with my package. He says he didn't deliver because the shipper didn't put my phone number on the package, and he found our building complex "too confusing". Our building complex isn't confusing. FedEx has no problem finding our condo, and always knocks on our door. The guy just didn't feel like putting in the effort to find our condo, at all.