Microsoft Excel: The dumbest possible Undo ever

I was just reminded, again, how Microsoft Excel has the worst possible Undo implementation ever.

Instead of keeping track of undo actions separately for each file, it tracks them for all open files together. When you undo actions in one spreadsheet, you will be undoing actions in other spreadsheets you have open, too.

This is the stupidest possible design I can think of. It leads to data loss for anyone who relies on a reasonable undo feature when managing their documents. It is positively dangerous to have multiple Excel spreadsheets open simultaneously, since undoing in one document may lead to data loss in others.

Whoever designed this should be fired from software development, and made to flip burgers instead. There's no excuse for this idiocy in a software product like Office.


(jm) said…
No no no. You do not want to eat burgers made from such idiot.
simon said…
OMG! Yes. Agreed. Plus, you cannot have two excel windows open side by side. I really do not understand why they designed this, it is totally inconsistent with other MS Office products.
denis bider said…
I have since realized that it's possible to avoid this behavior by opening every spreadsheet in a separate Excel instance. To do this, avoid using File > Open in existing Excel windows. Instead, start Excel a second time from the Start Menu, and then use File > Open from the new instance of Excel. This way, the instances don't share information and have separate undo stacks.
denis bider said…
You should probably also avoid double-clicking on .xls/.xlsx files in order to open them, as this will open them in an existing Excel instance if you have one running. Always open spreadsheets by launching a new Excel instance from the Start menu, and then open it from the new instance.
simon said…
oh. many thanks for this :)
GNR said…
The worst part about this undo issue is that this has been an issue in Excel for many versions and they have not bothered to change it.

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