Why women shave and wax

The hirsute women of Reddit, and the men who like them, have been downvoting my attempts to explain that the reason females remove their body hair is not just due to some mere cultural convention, but has deeper causes.

Here's the typical complaint:
We're fucking mammals for fucks sake. Hair is not abnormal. The idea that a woman has to shave and pluck and wax in order to pass muster is abnormal. The solution is for you to stop being so shallow.
I think my following response is my best so far:
The whole reason women shave and pluck and wax is because we're mammals. We have evolved to find people attractive based on their gender traits. We have evolved to associate a certain set of characteristics with manhood, and another set of characteristics with womanhood. Women shave and pluck and wax to differentiate themselves from males. A woman who does this distinguishes herself from women who look more like men. Therefore, females who don't wax are outcompeted on the sex market by those who do.

This entire situation is inevitable. We are brought to this point by evolution and game theory. We don't choose to have these preferences. We are built to prefer women that are more unlike males. Removing hair just helps make you more unlike men.

If you're female, you're burdened by the need to shave and wax. You don't want to have to do it. It's a burden to compete with other females. But you fail to see that the reason you need to play this game is because we are subject to evolutionary pressures. This is the same type of mechanic as what causes deer to have huge antlers.

Be thankful that you can do something as simple as makeup and waxing to vastly improve your attractiveness. I'm a guy, and I'm 5'7". Most women are looking for 6' plus. There's nothing I can do about my height. Now you tell me who is being "shallow".


Tomaž Štih said…
The whole reason women shave and pluck and wax is because we're mammals

That was promising but then I lost you. We are mammals and therefore like to suck things. Less hair...more fun.
malesch said…
"sex market" are you serious? what an abomination is this? are you refering to hookers :) ?
denis bider said…
malesch: "sex market" are you serious? what an abomination is this? are you refering to hookers :) ?

Many types of human transactions resemble markets, even when currency isn't being overtly exchanged. When looking for sexual partners, we are looking for people who are compatible with us, but we also like to find the most of the qualities we're looking for, while offering in return the qualities we have.

Thus we can broadly speak of a marriage market, or a sex market, even when the concept of trade is only a part of the equation, and there are other factors at play.

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