Heightism in online dating

I came across a heightism thread on Reddit today, and I found the following report stunning:

I made two accounts in different metropolises in the country using the exact same profile picture and descriptions but in one the height was listed as five foot seven and the other it was six foot three. And this was a "good looking" "handsome" "fit" guy.

The five foot seven guy? ZERO messages received first; ever. Not one. A reply rate back of less than 5% as well and most of those were from girls you'd describe as homely. And mind you this guy was attractive and fit.

The six foot three guy? He would get anywhere from 1-3 messages a DAY initiated from girls. And not just homely girls, but some very cute ones. I'd always ask why they messaged and they'd say it was due to a high match % or something listed in the profile interests. This guy would also get like an 75% return on his messages, and we're talking about from good looking girls here.

Funny enough, the fake hot girl profile I created got a ton of messages, and one of the most common leading lines was "do you like tall guys?" That's it. Naturally I thought this one liner would come off arrogant and off putting, but when I tried it using the tall guy profile, the success rate was even better than before.

I thought it's bad to be a guy on online dating sites, but no! There's just a complete lack of interest in short guys, regardless of their other features.

If you're tall, finding interested women is apparently cake!


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