Why Slovenian media are... shit

I like to use accurate words. I prefer that words do not exaggerate, but convey that which is true.

In the title of this post, the words are, unfortunately, appropriate. Saying that Slovenian media are "poor quality", or something otherwise reserved, would be an understatement. "Poor quality" would indicate that they aren't as good as they could be, but they may still have uses.

Consuming Slovenian media is about as harmful as consuming that which should go in the toilet:
  • Slovenian media will try to intentionally warp your worldview with manipulative, and frequently untrue, allegations about the moral, social and economic perils of Western society. This is mainly to support local politicians who distance themselves from the Western concept of justice and meritocracy, and instead put emphasis on privileges that "ought" to be available to all, and "national interests" that benefit a few. This harms the long-term development of the country, but pacifies the masses while some people profit.
  • Possibly in support of the above, or possibly because they are inept, Slovenian media will regularly take all sorts of internet hoaxes, easily verifiable as such, and publish them as serious articles. This seems to be more likely if such "articles" discredit the US. Slovenian readers will believe these articles in consternation about the state of the world beyond Slovenian borders.
In other words, you can't really believe not just opinion pieces, but even "factual" articles in what's considered to be "serious" Slovenian media.

Fundamentally, the major reason this can happen is that the Slovenian language, spoken by only 2 million, is a ghetto for the Slovenian soul.


verbatim said…
I don't think you can blame it on language (then you could easily say the same for Baltic languages or Finnish etc.) as large majority of younger and high percentage of middle aged Slovenians speak and understand English. Older people usually understand German. So if they would want proper news they could easily read them.

Slovenians really don't care if news are real or not because of constant brainwashing from government in form of the "proper article". So articles must include how USA is screwed and that Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus etc. are the most prosperous places on Earth where everyone is happy. Consequently of this decades long flawed reporting they don't understand even basic economic laws so any reforms are impossible.
denis bider said…
True, but I disagree that language has nothing to do with it, and I'm not sure that the situation is in fact not similar for the Baltic areas you mentioned.

It is true that most young Slovenians learn English in school.

However, the vast majority of even the good students do not learn it will enough to read, and comprehend, an English article without substantial effort.

Their ability to read English is similar to my ability to read German. I can, if I try, but I have to invest effort, I have to keep a dictionary handy, and it takes an order of magnitude longer than reading English or Slovenian.

This forms a tremendous cultural barrier to what information is easily accessible to people in Slovenia, and what information is not.

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