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Genetics controls gender, not upbringing

Very interesting article. Due to accidental loss of penis, parents and doctor attempted to raise son as daughter. Despite having been castrated and believing he was a girl, his behavior became increasingly masculine: "The girl had many tomboy traits, such as abundant physical energy, a high level of activity, stubbornness, and being often the dominant one in a girl's group." [...] Yet by the time Brenda reached puberty at 13, she was feeling suicidal. "I could see that Brenda wasn't happy as a girl," Janet recalled. "She was very rebellious. She was very masculine, and I could not persuade her to do anything feminine. Brenda had almost no friends growing up. Everybody ridiculed her, called her cavewoman.

Chocolate flavored powdered meat

Hello to another day in a world where the vast majority of the protein we need for our sustenance - as well as lots of superfluous protein that we don't really need, but it looks nice on our bodies - is derived from daily torture and slaughter of thousands, millions, literally billions of dairy and meat animals. I probably don't have to go into details of what a lifetime of a dairy cow or farm chicken looks like. You know their life spans are short, nasty, and brutal. Some time ago, I walked into a nutrition store, looking for protein powder. Among the most prevalent powders, which tend to be derived from milk, I noticed a conspicuous product called Carnivor. It's protein powder... made of beef. If there was ever an abomination, this is it. This is pure, powdered evil. You see, we can get far more protein per life-of-animal-suffering from dairy, than we get from slaughtered meat. Over an average life span of 3 lactations, a dairy cow will produce 20,000 lbs of milk per