Lady GaGa's meat dress

I think people who are put off by Lady GaGa must either really dislike her music, or must be numb in the head. I don't remember a person this original since... ever.

Here's her latest outrage: the meat dress.

You and I might joke around and come up with a crazy idea to wear a dress entirely made of meat to a celebrity show, chuckling and feeling smug about our original and iconoclastic thinking. Then we would go wearing a nice evening suit because we don't have the balls to actually pull that off.

Lady GaGa goes and wears the meat dress.

It's visually disturbing, and at the same time seems to be a waste of meat that could have been served on a dinner plate. But consider our meat industry, which slaughters more animals in a year than there are all humans living. Consider the inefficiency of our food industry in general, combined with our eating habits, which wastes 50% of our food.

What is actually more disturbing: these few pounds of flesh made into a dress, or 10 billion animals raised in horrible conditions and slaughtered for meat every year? And to add insult to injury, a large part of that flesh going wasted?

We, humans, treat animals with utter, complete disrespect. We don't like to own up to it, we like to pretend we're all civilized, cultured, and nice, while eating our dinner steaks and barbecue chicken. Whether GaGa intended it or not, this dress starkly calls attention to our hypocrisy, and for that, I appreciate it.


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