Something to show your kids



aerie said…
This is an incredible video, bookmarked to show my 16 & 18yo daughters! They, unfortunately got a small dose of it from me prior to my de-conversion & continue to get it from my ex & his parents (his dad a retired Church of Christ pastor who physically, emotionally, verbally abused ex's mom & blatantly cheated on her throughout his yrs behind the pulpit). She (x's mom) once 'shared' w/me that "that her friend Brenda was such a nice person & it seems a shame that she'll end up in hell" (poor B. was a Methodist).

Oldest daughter does not seem to be affected that much, but younger daughter will take much patience & diligence on my part to free her from it. It's slow going b/c she gets defensive & calls me negative & bitter.

Imagine my horror at her desire for a purity ring last yr & several verses of scripture on her facebook page. She freq attends a southern baptist church w/ her BFF, only complicated my efforts. However, I don't freak out or over-react. She's 16 not 6 & I must let her do her thing as I don't choose to control either of them. It will take the tiniest baby steps but I refuse to give up!

Thanks for the video.
denis bider said…
That must be a challenge, seeing your own child being, well... brainwashed, and not being able to help it. :-/

Hope everything turns out well for you and your family!
aerie said…
Thank you, Denis. :D

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