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Apartheid was bad, but South Africa today is worse?

Interesting comments by a few South Africans: "We didn't like apartheid, but some things were better under apartheid than they are now." "Life here under apartheid was bad, but now it is more bad."

Chicago Justice

Inevitably, in a country of 300 million people, even if most things go right, there will be stories every day that make you sick. Inevitably, in a country that large, many of these stories will involve the police. This is a story like this. Dad, wife and daughter are out for breakfast when they notice what appears to be a woman in distress. It is in fact an undercover police officer looking to trap people with "soliciting" a prostitute. She leans on the passenger side window and offers sex or blowjob. No sooner are they able to respond when the police swarm the car, arrest the dad, impound the car, and leave the wife and daughter stranded. The dad spends 8 hours in custody. They do not return the car. The city wants $4,700 in "towing and storage fees" in order to give it back. Related: read this insightful comment about the Chicago Department of Revenue and their car impounding racket. Snippet: And as for the poor guy in this story, odds are that he will not