Life in prison for "lewdness with a minor"

A 34-year old Nevada woman was drunk and made some seriously inappropriate proposals to a 13-year old son of her friend:
Taylor kissed a friend’s child, forced him to touch her breast [through a bra] and asked him to have sex with her.
Prosecution charged her for "lewdness with a minor". A jury found her guilty, and the judge had no choice but to impose the penalty required by Nevada law: life in prison.

In the words of her public defender:
“She is getting a greater penalty for having a boy touch her breast than if she killed him.”
Check out some of the insane comments here. For example:
Lori Bishop: About time!!! Maybe if a state takes a stand against predators other states will follow.
Bekah: FINALLY! I AGREE because these sick people might really think next time they want to mess up another childs life! GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish it was like this in EVERY STATE!


Simon said…
You should tag this post with "tragedy" as well.
Anonymous said…
I cannot comment because I haven't seen photo of this 34 year old woman yet.
denis bider said…

The photo is here. She's not very attractive.
verbatim said…
Kissing a friend's child? Common thing in many societies, also in Europe. Touching breasts? It is just another human part, like an arm or leg (if he would have touched some big mans boobs there would be no problems, only laugh). Asking to have sex? It could be joking and besides it is asking only... it doesn't mean she would have really have sex with him.

People in Europe would laugh at that 34-year old not reporting her.
verbatim said…
I checked Nevada's criminal law and she would have to serve a minimum of 10 years before asking for probation - comparing that to new EU directive proposal for crime similar to "lewdness with a minor" and proposed sentence of maximum 3-5 years.
denis bider said…
Some laws do make more sense in Europe... :I
Anonymous said…
After checking her picture it seem that the life sentence is ok for her crime.


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